The New Dishes

Hey, you remember how I ordered new dishes, and they arrived and they were “Made in Columbia” instead of “Made in England” as advertised, so I sent them back and got a replacement set, and those were made in Columbia too, and so I sent those back, and said they wouldn’t try again and so then there I was with no dishes, wondering if is selling counterfeit dishes or what? And basically I flipped the flip out? Remember that?

So a couple of weeks before my mother-in-law arrived, I went out looking for similar dishes. I liked the highly decorated kind I’d found before, with pictures on them. I thought that if I couldn’t find anything like that, I would just re-order the Made in Columbia ones, since they were basically perfect except for not saying “England” on the backs, and the only reason they “had to” be made in England is that (1) they were advertised that way and (2) I think of English china as The Best, and I wanted these to be The Good Dishes and (3) my mother-in-law’s visit was nearing, and that makes my brain twist into crazy knots of irrational.

I found dishes in a pattern by Johnson Bros. called Old Britain Castles. I got them at either TJ Maxx or Marshall’s, I can’t remember which. I like them even better than my first attempt at dishes: these are thinner so they seem dressier, and the colors are sharper. Plus, they say “England” on them. I’m still worried they’re fakes (mugs instead of teacups–surely that’s not right?–and they don’t say “MADE IN England,” just “England”), but I’m happy with them.

Here’s a picture:
Except, as I said, I have mugs instead of teacups/saucers.

We used them all through the mother-in-law visit, and they were a success. I felt HAPPY with them, and happy to be using them, and pleased with the pattern and how the table looked when it was set, and fine with the idea of the children loving them and fighting over them after I died. Now I’d like to get some serving pieces, but they didn’t have those at the discount store, so meh.

Next time I need to get Good GLASSES, too: I didn’t think of that, so we were serving meals off pretty dishes accompanied by colorful plastic cups. Dressy!

12 thoughts on “The New Dishes

  1. Phat Phannie

    You know, I seemed to have somewhat missed that whole dish saga, but as I was reading this I was thinking in my head (She needs to go to TJ Maxx), and then you said you might have bought them there! I was eyeballing a really neat set of dishes there recently.

    Oh, and what nikki said. Hehehe.

  2. el-e-e

    Goodbye, MIL dishes! (they’re getting boxed up, ’til next time, right?)

    And I think glasses are even more critical than dishes since her actual LIPS touch them. Don’t you??

  3. Swistle

    El-e-e- Yes, boxed up! Probably today. The contamination is more ASSOCIATIVE: if I associate a dish or cup with her, I don’t like to use it because it makes me THINK of her. So glasses–though more important germ-wise–are of equal or lesser importance association-wise. And silverware–which should be most important of all–is unimportant.

    Shelly Overlook- She didn’t say a thing. What do you think that MEANS? With her, silence can go so many ways. Often it means she disapproves–but then later she won’t be able to resist telling a story that reveals her feelings, which she didn’t do. Maybe she didn’t notice them?

  4. Katie

    Wait. So are you saying that you ended up liking them? (I like them). Are you going to keep using them? OR box them up?

    I like nikki’s idea of giving MIL a sippy cup. That’s hilarious!

  5. Swistle

    Katie- I like them, but I don’t LIKE-like them. The blue and white makes them ALREADY associated with my mother-in-law, so even though I LOVE this KIND of dish, I would have to buy it for myself in pink or brown or black. So these dishes are perfect as Good Dishes: they’re something I genuinely like, but they were pre-spoiled for convenience (because of the colors). I’ll probably even look forward to using them, as one of the up sides to a MIL visit!

  6. lynne

    Hi, I think those might be coffee cups which are bigger than teacups. It is a little strange that is just says “England” in the back, but I hope after all the hassle you have had they are the real McCoy. I recognise the pattern (I’m British) and Johnston brothers are associated with Wedgewood so they should be ok.

    Enjoy your new dinner service.

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