Christmas Earrings

May I remind you of Christmas earrings, for wearing all month to gradually increase the holiday spirit? I’m so sad and sorry the ones I mentioned in that post, the ones with a Christmas tree on top of a car, never came back into stock; those are the BEST ONES.

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I’m wearing these today, and freshly appreciating their subtlety. (I like flashy earrings too, but I like them a little closer to Christmas.) I’m sorry to say they ship from a company called Body Candy, which may give the wrong idea to another adult in your household when the mail comes.

Since the original post, which I am surprised to see was three years ago because it feels as if we were JUST talking about it, I’ve acquired a new pair:

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Lunch at the Ritz Jingle Jewels. These are the size I like: kind of smallish to mediumish. One reviewer says she thought they’d be rounded out all the way around like real ornaments, so I will mention that they are flat—or rather, not completely flat, but a flat piece of metal slightly curved. I love that they don’t match. Be prepared for a little bit of sticker shock: they’re not CRAZY expensive, but they were expensive enough that I used birthday money to justify buying them. They go up and down a bit in price; I paid $40 with shipping.


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I considered these, but I think having faint jingling near my ears all day would drive me crazy.


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Sienna Sky Cascading Christmas Ornaments. I have these on my wish list this year. One problem with a lot of holiday earrings is that most of them are sold as novelties, six pairs for under $10 or whatever, and then they bother my ears. Sienna Sky is a brand I really like: very light earrings, totally neutral to my ears. But…they’re expensive. So they make good gifts.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Earrings

  1. Carla Hinkle

    I can’t believe the original post was three years ago, either! Christmas earrings are now a staple of December for me now and make me SO HAPPY.

  2. Judith

    I have a solution for the problem of earrings being made of irritating materials: you can buy the loopy part that sticks through your ear separately in a non-irritating material (like stainless steel, silver or gold(-plated)) and exchange them. You can probably get them at any of the bigger craft stores since making jewelry is so popular, along with the tiny pliers you’ll likely need.

    I was so happy when I realized that, because there quite a few pairs I could no longer wear but kept around “just in case”. In case of what, I couldn’t tell you, but surprisingly, the case happened. This time anyway (I really need to throw away more stuff than I do).


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