Shopping: Swistle Mugs, Quilt, Candy, Office Chair, Cafe Curtains

Look what I found at Goodwill today for 99 cents each (89 cents after my discount card):


I don’t Photoshop the crumbs off my counter for just anyone

I said to William, “Are these mugs the same color as my blog?” and he mocked me relentlessly for, like, ten solid minutes. “Oh!,” he said in an affected female voice, with affected little raised hands, “Do these MUGS match my BLOG? Do they COORDINATE with my WEB SITE?” And: “Oh, look over there, it’s my blog! …Oh, no, wait, I was mistaken—it’s a mug!” And: “I could have SWORN that bowl was Wikipedia!”

Well. Anyway, I bought three. I also bought Elizabeth two dresses, one Lands’ End and one L. L. Bean, for $1.79 each.

By the way, one of the two Targets I go to has this quilt marked down 70% off ($21 down from $70):

(photo from

(photo from

The other Target has it on clearance, too, but 50% off. I considered it (at 70%, derpiously), but we don’t 100% need another quilt, and it’s kind of young for any of the boys except Henry now, and Henry didn’t like it.

There was a weird situation in the candy section. A variety of bags of candy were on a typical sale—$2.66 down from $3.19 or whatever—about 50 cents off per bag. But the “family size” bag of Rolos was ALSO down to $2.66, down from $4.84. I double-checked at a price scanner, because it seemed like it would be a mistake, but it was not. Score. I mean Rolo.

The turquoise student desk chairs were $12.48 down from $24.99, so I bought one. We have a pink one we bought several years ago, and it’s looking pretty grubby but has held up well.

I was looking for a cafe curtain for the bathroom, and there was pretty much nothing. I remember back about a dozen years ago Target had, like, twenty choices for that style, each in multiple color choices. I chose white lace ones for our apartment kitchen, and there were something like four other lace choices. Plus there were gingham ones, and some with little pictures (apples? chickens? teapots? that sort of thing), and then plain solid colors, and some sheers or whatever.

Now, though, they had one style option, which comes only in brown, tan, red, black, and white:

(photo from

(photo from

I would have settled for white (though sullenly), but they were out of stock. SIGH, SO LIMITED AND INCONVENIENCED.

29 thoughts on “Shopping: Swistle Mugs, Quilt, Candy, Office Chair, Cafe Curtains

  1. Susannah

    Your Goodwill finds always make me so jealous! My Goodwill features mainly faded, worn clothes from Kmart, at about 10% less than they cost new, 5 years ago. I only keep going back because I hope for deals like you find.

  2. DrPusey

    My Target has overzealously pruned the home goods department in favor of groceries. From my point of view, this sucks because I’ll never shop for groceries at Target and I shopped for things like curtains a fair amount.

    1. Swistle Post author

      I don’t know if all Goodwill locations have it or not, but ours has a card you can buy for $10 (the $10 is donated to Goodwill), and then the card gives you 10% off for a year. So it only pays off if you know you’ll spend over $100 in a year—but it felt like an okay gamble to me, because I didn’t mind donating the $10 even if I didn’t spend that much (but I have!).

  3. Chris

    Ohhhh my gosh. I was looking at that quilt for my two year old’s big boy bed (whom you helped convince me to name Charlie on the baby name blog ;) but its only 25% at my Target. He has a jungle themed room. Oh the injustice!! So…how much is shipping from you to Oregon? :)

  4. Ms. Key

    “I could have SWORN that bowl was Wikipedia!” made me literally laugh-out-loud AND read that whole paragraph to my fiance. HILARIOUS. Very witty, hahaha.

    That quilt set is sooo cute! We finally have our Target stores open in some areas of Ontario, I’m finding great stuff there, love it.

  5. Emily

    I have to agree with the assessment that William is hilarious! If he were mocking me, I think I would be at least mildly furious and ready to rent him as a day laborer to any passing trucks, but MAN! “I could have SWORN that bowl was Wikipedia!” Extreme mirth!

    1. Swistle Post author

      That is my worry TOO! Like, what if everyone else is sniffing and saying “Oh, you mean GRANDMA curtains?”??

    1. Swistle Post author

      Ooooooo, NEAT! I saw them online referred to as “vintage”—which appealed to me tremendously until I saw they meant 1985. Hm.

  6. Lisa

    William is one funny kid. Takes after his mom I see.

    So Swistle, I had a dream about you the other night. I was catching up on the blog before bed, and in you went into my subconsious. So you and another woman were sitting at a picnic type table chatting and I recognized you. So I went over to say hi and that I love your writing. Well, you were so gracious about the 3rd person join in, and quickly I was invited into the conversation. I was so surprised that you lived in Colorado, because you didn’t give off a Colorado feel on your blog. I forget what else we talked of, but you were very kind to the stranger sitting before you, who feels like I *know* you and you didn’t know me at all.

    Fun Dream!

    1. Lisa

      Oh yes, in the dream I also tried to say “Swistle” and messed it up by getting all tongue-tied. Then I had you say it…That was a bit awkward. “Why am I making Swistle say her name???”

      1. Ann

        Oh my gosh! I had a dream about Swistle last night too – and I wasn’t going to write anything about it, because it’s kind of weird, but then I saw your comment, and I’m from Colorado, too! Swistle, you came to my house, and I was embarrassed because I didn’t have any really interesting things to show you, but I was so excited that you came to my house. I guess you really do like Colorado, as you’re showing up here a lot, even though it’s only in dreams.

  7. AlexIsMe

    Swistle, gotta say- love you, love the blogs!
    Now to share, I don’t have a crafty bone in my body. But living 5 years with those awful last resort cafe curtains you listed finally pushed me over the edge. I got so tired of waiting to find the right ones, I finally just made my own. Bought a single panel curtain (on target clearance, of course) and took to it with a pair of scissors and hem tape. Voila! The perfect pair. Wait over and finally a craft victory to call my own!

  8. Laura Diniwilk

    Lol at William. I CAN NOT WAIT until my kids are old enough to make jokes that actually make sense. Also? Your shopping posts make me happy. I think you just delayed my next Target trip by a few days by letting me live vicariously through you and your mug colored blog.

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