College Student Care Package for Christmas/Finals

I just sent off a care package to Rob. I meant to FIRST write down what was in it, for a post. I remembered that right after I handed the box to the clerk. So this post will be a test of my memory. A second test of my memory, since I failed the first one about remembering to document beforehand.

I didn’t want to send too much stuff, because in a few weeks I’m going to be filling Christmas stockings and a lot of that is the same sort of things I’d put in a care package. But he has finals coming up and I wanted to send good snacks for that, and also I wanted to send some Christmassy stuff, so here’s what I put in there:

A package of trail mix
Two different boxes of protein-emphasizing granola bars
A theater-size box of Christmas M&Ms
One Little Debbie Christmas-tree-shaped brownie (the other kids ate the rest)
A box of red/green/white Tic Tacs
Four chocolate ornaments
A 50-light string of mini Christmas lights ($2.49 at Target)
A Christmassy pillowcase (I found two-packs at HomeGoods and Marshalls and TJMaxx)
A baggie of just his favorite flavor of the chewable multivitamins from the assorted bottle
Half dozen or so of the best pages from our page-a-day calendars

I would have added a candy cane, but I forgot to buy them. I meant to add a big green floofy curly ribbon, but I see it sitting here on my desk.

22 thoughts on “College Student Care Package for Christmas/Finals

  1. Tric

    For some reason, reading what you put in a care package makes me feel like I am opening said care package and I got all kinds of warm fuzzies. Thank you for the virtual care package!

  2. Liz Miller

    That is an awesome package to receive from home. Just goofy enough to be cozy, just serious enough to still feel like Mom’s looking out for him. I love the idea of you picking out his favorite flavors of vitamins. BIG HEART EYES.

  3. Matti

    “A baggie of just his favorite flavor of the chewable multivitamins from the assorted bottle” —This made me tear right up. I bet Rob is going to love his care package.

  4. chris

    One thing that I do for finals for my kids in college is send a box addressed to both my child AND their roommate and just make it a giant box of goodies/little stress breaks. I figure chances are high their roommate’s (or s’, depending on the number of roommates) parent may or may not be busy, thinking about it, etc. and this way they all get a surprise box to make them happy.

  5. Gigi

    Oh, I remember sending care packages! It only lasted for a year or two – once he moved to an apartment, I didn’t want him to deal with the delivery hassle – so I made up for the lack of care packages with extra treats when he came home.

  6. Sarah!

    For future finals-week care packages, often students are nearly out of meal-plan money by then, or get busy and don’t want to/don’t make it to the dining hall while it’s open… Things like a box of cereal, easy mac, etc are great ideas too!

    That sounds super fun though. I bet he’ll love it! I especially like the mini lights- he can festive up the dorm a little!

  7. Rachael

    Oohhh. Can we do a “favorite things” care package edition?—or has that been done? Giant powdered hot chocolate tin and a gallon zip loc of chocolate no -bake cookies tops my list of what I remember from college (24 years ago).

  8. Diane Stenglein

    I still remember my freshman year care package from my mom. A little Christmas tree (it was maybe a foot tall, and came with ornaments) microwave popcorn and those orange crackers with peanut butter. A Lifesavers Holiday box and some dumb plastic party favors. One of the biggest hits was one of those plastic mallets with squeaky things in each end. My friends and I made a specific study break activity out of bonking one another on the head to break the tension!

  9. Callie

    I love this! I will add caffeine or a Starbucks card were always my favorites, plus anything I couldn’t get at school (my favorite coffee, chips, etc. aren’t sold where I went to school).

  10. Miz Middling

    I remember LOTS of excellent care packages from my mom (for example, a large envelope stuffed with an assortment of fun socks. She marveled that so many of the fun socks were pink, which isn’t want she was specifically seeking out– but, she wondered, maybe great socks just pink alike?). Around Christmas my freshman year, she sent a 5 pound box of See’s chocolates. OH MY GOODNESS. I’m fairly impressed with my freshman year self, because I took the box for a walk all around campus, sharing it with everyone I came across (friends and strangers alike).

    30-year-old me would have just hoarded the whole thing, nibbling away, a chocolate at a time.

    Maybe this is why we send care packages to children, not to overwhelmed middle school teachers?

  11. Taxmom (Katy)

    My roommate in graduate school was from India, and her mother sent her the best ever care package of exam time snacks/treats when she was studying for her masters’ exams. I can still recall the smell of cardamom when she opened the package. There were LOTS of treats and she shared generously.

  12. Kay W.

    “A baggie of just his favorite flavor of the chewable multivitamins from the assorted bottle.” I know I’m still in the postpartum hormone zone, but wow this made me tear up!

  13. Val

    I love it, Swistle. (And I think stocking-stuffers are more fun to find than the bigger presents, so I always love [Care Package and] Stocking-Stuffer Talk.) :) The vitamins are clever.

  14. Lala

    This makes me so happy and yet so sad. I am not able to have children and maybe I need to find a college student with crappy parents to send care packages too.

    1. Jd

      What about someone in the military serving abroad? I worked with a charity that made care packages and sent them to chaplains for distribution to folks who needed some love. We got the best letters back and became pen pals with quite a few. Very gratifying.

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