Cartilage Piercing: One-Year Update

I realized the other day that it has been more than a year since I got my first cartilage piercing. I put a few updates on that post, but just covering the first few weeks; after that I said nothing until I changed the earring six months ago. So I think it is time for an update.

The update is that I hardly ever have to think of it or do anything about it. I don’t have to treat it with saline spray anymore, though I do still rinse it after I finish washing my hair. It almost never looks puffy or pink in the mornings. I still notice it in the mirror and still like it. It is still a hassle when I get a haircut: I put a bandaid over it to protect it from the stylist’s vigorous brush.

The earring is still tipped, and I still care. The angle of the piercing itself is tipped, so there is nothing I can do except learn not to mind. Actually, what I plan to do is find a completely spherical earring, so that the tippage would be unnoticeable. My current earring is a “gold ball”—but it’s actually a tiny domed cylinder, so if it’s tipped you can tell. In the meantime, I tell myself that NO ONE BUT ME WOULD NOTICE OR CARE, and also that maybe the shape of my ear made tipping unavoidable. I don’t like to think that the piercing guy did it wrong, or that I squashed it to a different angle by sleeping on it.

I haven’t changed the earring since the first time. I change my lower-lobe piercing daily and take that earring out at night, but the upper lobe and cartilage earrings (these for both) I just leave in all the time.

A couple of times, usually after getting too worked up about the tippage, I have thought maybe I’ll just take the earring out and never mind about this cartilage piercing idea. Each time, I’ve thought: I lose nothing by leaving it in awhile longer, so why don’t I just leave it in for now. Each time, I’ve been glad.

6 thoughts on “Cartilage Piercing: One-Year Update

  1. Tommie

    I’ll be the first to chime in and say that even though you mentioned the fact that your piercing is ’tilted’ I can’t see it in that picture. I’m sure that even in person, like you said, no one else could notice it.

    I think it looks great and I have piercing envy. I got my cartilage pierced in college but I must not have cared for it well because it never healed well. I kept catching it with my brush and it was constantly sore and red. I finally took the earring out and it was closed in minutes and healed completely a day later.

  2. Ruby

    I used to have cartilage piercings on both sides, but they hurt SO BADLY and took so long to heal that I ended up taking them out. I don’t know if the piercing person did it wrong or if I have unusually sensitive cartilage or WHAT, but my ears were not happy.

    Don’t you also have a second cartilage piercing on the other side, or am I remembering wrong?

  3. Britni

    I feel like mine “tips” as well and I always kind of thought everyone’s did because of the slight curve of the ear lobe? Maybe I just lied to myself because otherwise it is the type of thing that would bother me lol.

  4. BG

    I miss your book reviews! If you’re looking for something to post about, I’d love to hear what you’ve been reading.


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