Dream Kiss; Hair Clips

I dreamed last night that I took a chance and kissed somebody, and it turned out to be a welcomed chance, and he was a very good kisser. And then my brain, which also doesn’t let me eat dream cupcakes when I am on a diet, stopped this excellent storyline with the panicked information that I was MARRIED, and that this kiss COULD NOT BE TAKEN BACK, and that EVERYTHING WAS NOW TERRIBLE AND PROBABLY UNFIXABLE.

This morning I am crabby and resentful. But as long as I was in a bad mood anyway, I went ahead and made some phone calls I’d been putting off. One call was for an overdue haircut: my hair is too heavy for its clip now, so it keeps gradually falling out and then I have to keep putting it back up. That drives me crazy and also makes me feel like an ostentatious hair-player. (Hair-play-with-er. Hair-flipper. What do we call this?) So I am looking forward to that and I only wish I’d called three weeks ago so the haircut could be TODAY instead of in three weeks. And I have some good leftovers waiting for lunch, plus more of The West Wing to watch (I’m on the second episode of the third season), so THAT’S good.

Speaking of hair clips, I think I have said this before but I will say it again: I need a local hair-clip swap buddy. The two types of clips I use are little claw clips (for buns) and bear claw clips (for messy French twists). They are sold like this:

(image from Amazon.com)

(image from Amazon.com)











I only like the tortoiseshell (brown) ones. And I am too nervous to swap them around at the store to make a pack of only the ones I like. Actually, I’d do it with the bear claw ones if I could still find them locally, but the little ones would take too much time to do and I wouldn’t be sure how to arrange the two rejected packs. All one color? Half black, half clear? And I’m less sure another customer would want one of those packs, whereas I’m fairly certain another customer would want the two black bear-claw clips.

The upshot is that I end up donating half of my bear-claw clips ($4-8 for a 2-pack online) and two-thirds of my little claw clips ($2-3 for a 12-pack at Target), and that seems really dumb. The only solution I can think of is to find people in my town who use these kinds of clips too but like the black plastic and/or clear plastic ones and don’t want the tortoiseshell ones. Then we can trade. Maybe we can have annual clip/barrette-trading meetings. There can be cupcakes.

27 thoughts on “Dream Kiss; Hair Clips

  1. Diane Stenglein

    I had a dream about Peter Capaldi (the current Dr. Who) a few weeks ago…and it’s still unsettling. Not helpful, brain. Not helpful at all.

    I wish I could trade hair clips with you – but my hair is too short! (Growing out a short short haircut!)

  2. Lawyerish

    I have the same problem with dreams about kissing people, where my brain gets all upset and guilty and anxious. It is SO aggravating. It is a DREAM, brain! Let my dream-self have some fun!

  3. Shari

    I would certainly try any sort of clip in my hair, if there were cupcakes involved. No promises on long term use, but maybe I just need someone to show me how to use them properly.

  4. Carmen

    It seems like this is an obvious thing, but I only learned it about 2 years ago at the age of 42, which makes me think perhaps others do not know this either. So I am mentioning it in case others have not yet realized it. I now make my NEXT hair appointment before I leave the salon. It took a bit of trial and error, but I figured out that for my particular hair cut, I should make them 8 weeks apart and now my life is SO MUCH BETTER. Because I was always like you…merrily going about my life until one day I’d reached my breaking point and my hair needed cutting NOW. LIKE RIGHT NOW IT’S DRIVING ME BATTY. And then I’d phone and have to wait soooo maaaany daaaaays before I could get an appointment. So now I do it before I leave and there are two very large benefits: I am rarely driven nuts before my appointment arrives AND I never have to make a phone call.

    Also, I hear you about the clips. I use the non-preferred colours when camping or just at home alone. But goodness it would be nice to be able to buy a non-assortment, like you can with bobbypins.

    1. Anna

      This is smart! I cut my own hair, which you would think was easy to schedule, and in some ways it is (it never takes as long as I think it will), but also I put it off (needs to be after a shower, not a night shower, not immediately before an event, etc etc). Is there a way I could pre schedule with MYSELF?

      1. Shawna

        Ha! I cut my own hair too, but it is just so MESSY I keep putting it off. I’ve been thinking I need to cut it for a couple of weeks now. I’ll probably give in some time this weekend.

  5. Sara

    I too have a brain that will not allow me to enjoy dream-dalliances. Just last night I had a dream like that. Very disappointing.

  6. Chrissy

    I just found a hairdresser who offers online scheduling! It doesn’t solve the problem of waiting until my hair is unbearable, but it does solve the problem of having to call, leave a message because she is cutting hair, then wait for the return call, etc. I have no idea if she is good at cutting hair, and I don’t care. I just scheduled both of my girls’ haircuts and I’ll use them as guinea pigs.

    1. Mary

      Online scheduling (and cancelling/rescheduling!) is the only reason I’m seeing my current hairdresser. Who I don’t particularly like… But not having to call makes up for the kinda crappy haircuts I’ve been getting.

    2. Melanie

      My daughter’s hair dresser has online scheduling, but then they call you immediately after you schedule to confirm and then call the day of! Please don’t call me! The only thing worse than making a call is answering one!

  7. Kathy

    Is this your first watching of The West Wing? If so, I’m SO jealous! I’ve watched it so many times and it never seems to get old.

    1. Swistle Post author

      Yes, it’s my first time! It was recommended to me so many times before, but I kept making the mistake of thinking I’d only like it if I were interested in politics. (And also, now I AM interested in politics!)

      1. Melanie

        Jay and I are also watching it for the first time this summer! I really really like it so far…we are half way through season two.

  8. Kelli

    My OH SO HELPFUL brain first kills off my husband in every dream involving a kiss, because of course the only way that would happen is if he were dead. So I always wake up constantly guilty and conflicted because not only did I cheat but apparently my subconscious decides he should die every time.

    And yes on the hair clips. Speaking of, have you tried linzi clips? They’re a little pricey but they’re my favorite and the hair stays in, reducing the playing-with-it problem.


  9. Ang

    Speaking of hair and dreams, I dreamed last night that my dentist was giving me a haircut and I couldn’t figure out why she hadn’t done my color first, and why was she doing it all so slowly! :)
    And now that I checked my calendar, just realized that I have a haircut and dentist appointment on the same day next week. Brains are funny things.

  10. Robin

    I wear both of those kinds of clips every single day and I only wear the black ones!! I live in MD. Would it be ridiculous cost-wise for us to coordinate?

    1. Swistle Post author

      I’m afraid it would be, with how high shipping costs are, and isn’t that FRUSTRATING?? It would be so perfect!

  11. Gigi

    Why, oh WHY, do they not sell things with the option of buying only the color you want? Yes, I’d definitely join a hair clip swap; especially if there were cupcakes.

  12. Nancy

    A couple months ago I cut off all my hair to raise money for cancer research (before that it was about waist length) and not having to fuss with my hair all day, or even think about it all, has been really great. Of course, now it is getting long enough that I have to think about it again.

    When I did have long hair and was struggling to find ways to deal with it, I found this video for putting it in a bun with a chopstick that was easy to do, comfortable and long-lasting:

    1. Swistle Post author

      Oh, thanks, that looks really good! I’m going to try that tomorrow morning.

  13. KD

    I’m also all tortoise shell, all the way. It’s annoying to waste 2/3 of the clips I buy. Boo, hair clip companies!

  14. Sam

    I text with my hair dresser. We have never spoken on the phone. My brain won’t let me eat gluten/dairy/soy in dreams, or if it does my dream self will immediately regret it and be upset because now i’m going to feel awful for weeks.

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