Baby Girl or Boy Monahan, Sibling to Leon

Hi Swistle,

We’re expecting our second child next month and won’t be finding out the gender of the baby. We felt naming our baby the first time around was far easier, and settled on Leon for our son pretty early on in the pregnancy. This time around we’re struggling, particularly with boys names. Our surname sounds like Monahan.

We chose the name Leon previously because we liked the fact that it was uncommon, yet easily pronounceable and a strong short name. We also appreciated that the name worked well as it was, without needing a nickname.

We love the name Anais for a girl, with the pronunciation as ‘Anna-ees’. Would love your feedback on what best spelling would best match the pronunciation. Elise is also another name that we like that also goes quite well with Leon.

For boys we’ve narrowed down to either Emil or Henry / Henri but are less confident. We like Emil for the same reasons we like Leon. Short, and pronounceable. We like Henry too but prefer a more uncommon name, and that Henri with an ‘i’ is more modern than the traditional/classic names that we like.

Would love your thoughts.



The association with Anaïs Nin is going to help at least a portion of the population with the pronunciation of Anais. But you’re right, it’s a bit of a challenge for many. I am not having success coming up with a pleasing alternate spelling.

Because you also like the name Elise, I suggest Anneliese.

I also like the idea of Anne Elise, either as a double first name or as first/middle (but calling her by both names).

For a boy, I think Emil and Henry are both nice choices, and I agree that Emil is more in line with Leon. If I saw the spelling Henri, I would think the name was pronounced on-REE.

The Baby Name Wizard has a small section of “Names without Borders” that I thought would go well with what you’re looking for. For girls, I especially like Anika and Nadia. For boys, nothing from the list seems quite right. I am not sure what to pair with it. Possibly something like:


But I am especially glad to have the comments section for this post.

Baby Boy Hearty, Brother to Penelope Jane

Dear Swistle,

Longtime highly devoted reader of all things Swistle. I have a two year old daughter named Penelope Jane, and am currently pregnant with a boy, due April 22nd. Penelope’s nicknames are numerous and varied, but she primarily goes by Penelope or Pip. She refers to herself as Ell-uh-pe, which is very cute. We liked Penny as a nickname, but didn’t like it with our last name, which sounds like Hearty but spelled differently. I didn’t like the double “y” sound when saying them together.

(This is unrelated to the current situation, but for anyone considering Penelope but fearing their child will always be called Penny, it really hasn’t been an issue for us. People will ask if she goes by Penny and we say: “No, we mostly call her Penelope” and that’s usually the end.)

I am pregnant with my second, this time a boy. My daughter’s name was fairly easy, one day I said the name offhandedly and my husband liked it, and it went on the list. By the next day it had become THE NAME in my mind, and stayed that way throughout the rest of my pregnancy, and I maintain high levels of satisfaction bordering on smugness to this very day. Her middle name is Jane after my beloved grandmother. Because our children will have my husband’s last name, it is important to me that they have a family name from my side to provide some balance. My husband is on board with this.
Names we are considering:


Henry Carter Hearty. I like this combination, but worry that Henry Hearty is too matchy matchy. I actually kind of like the matchiness, because it makes him sound like a comic book character. This is actually the only reason I chose to go by my husband’s last name. But just because I like it doesn’t mean that my son will. How much of an issue do think this is? I’ve also had many people tell me this name is too popular. That doesn’t bother me.

Carter Henry Hearty. This is my top choice. Carter is my dad’s name, and I’ve always loved the name, and conveniently also love my dad.


1) I originally didn’t like the combination because of the repeating “ar” sounds in the first and last names. Car Har sounded too harsh too me, I didn’t like the flow of Carter Hearty. Now it doesn’t bother me anymore, and I can’t tell if its because the flow was always fine, or because I’ve just gotten used to it. Is the flow weird? What are your thoughts?

2) My husband feels uncomfortable giving our son the first name of a living relative, because he thinks it is confusing to have two people with the same name in one family, and that it puts a lot of pressure on the relationship between the two. No one in my immediate family shares a first name, but many people in my extended family do, and neither thing has ever been a problem as far as I can see. I think it just feels normal to me because it is common in my family, and unusual to him because it is uncommon in his. Even though I have arrived at this very logical and well reasoned conclusion, it doesn’t seem to have changed the reality of our preferences.

3) I worry that it will feel less special to my daughter to have a family middle name if my son has a family first name. I especially don’t want her to think it was because she is a girl and he is a boy. The only reason that I didn’t choose Jane as her first name (and for the first half of my pregnancy that was the plan…well MY plan) is because I felt so zingy about Penelope. But I feel equal amounts of love and affection about using each name.

4) Although I feel like passing down the last name is a pretty big deal already, I wouldn’t want my in-laws to feel slighted by not having my father in law’s name used. My husband does not think this is an issue at all.

Calvin “Middlename TBD” Hearty

With our first, our boy name was Calvin. Obviously Cal is the cutest.


1) With this pregnancy, Calvin has lost some luster for me. I still like it, but I don’t feel the same heart eyes that I did two years ago. My husband still likes it quite a bit, it dipped for awhile but is probably back to number one for him.

2) I don’t know what his middle name would be. Calvin Carter makes me think of Calvin Klein, and I’d like to avoid naming my son after underwear. There is literally no other male family name on my side that I want to use. My grandfather’s name was Haze, which could maybe work, but there are so many Hazes in my family at this point it feels a little redundant. So to use Calvin, I think I would have to give up using a family name, and that makes me really bummed. (I just had my husband read this and he has surprised me by saying that he likes Calvin Carter as a middle name.)

Grant Carter Hearty

This name is fine. I like it. I’m not zingy about it. My biggest issue is that Grant is a family name on my husband’s side, so my son would have two family names and my daughter would only have one. Is that a big deal?

Had this baby been a girl, her name almost certainly would have been Juniper Bess. Other girl names we like: Tabitha, Willow, Clara. There is a 90% chance that there will no more children.

I feel like I have a lot more to say, but its mostly just additional hand wringing around the same issues.


Sometimes when I read a letter I have an immediate Very Strong Opinion, and my main struggle is with moderating the communication of that opinion so that it does not come across too forcefully. It is clear to me that the point of this blog is not for me to choose MY favorite name from another family’s list (though I enjoy voting, and so I go ahead and do so), but for us to help THEM to choose THEIRS. But something about the tone of your letter makes me think I can trust you not to feel overly pressured by my opinion or to think that I would think you SHOULD feel pressured by it, and so I am just going to go ahead and try to talk you into my far-and-away top choice, which is Calvin.

Now I will tell you why—though still with the understanding that I am talking here about my own preferences, and not what I think yours should be. I will put these reasons not in order of importance, but in the order that they occur to me as I am typing.

One: Calvin is my favorite with Penelope for popularity and style. Both names are familiar, yet unusual in my personal experience at approximately the same levels, and they give me similar reactions of surprise and interest. I also do love the style of Henry with Penelope, but this brings me to reason two.

Two: Calvin is my favorite with your surname. I can see the charm of Henry Hearty, but not quite to the extent that I would want to use it myself: the beginnings AND endings of the names match, AND they have the same number of letters and syllables, AND they both have an R sound in the middle. The not-quite-repeating art/ard sounds of Carter Hear(t)y bothers my ear and tangles my tongue. Grant Hearty is fine (though I don’t love two word names in a row), and is my second choice of the four candidates.

Three: Calvin Carter is my favorite of all the options for including your dad’s name, and I really like the idea of you using your dad’s name.

Four: I love the nickname Cal.

Five: Calvin Carter doesn’t make me think of Calvin Klein. It’s making me think of something else, but I can’t put a finger on it. Oh, actually I think I’ve got it: it’s just that both are presidential names, so that’s ringing that bell. Or maybe it’s that Calvin (Klein) and Carter’s are both clothing companies? In any case, it doesn’t make me think of underpants at all. And even if it did, I wouldn’t be bothered by that in a middle name. I also think Calvin Grant Hearty is nice, but it bugs me that then it’s two names from your husband’s side and none from yours.

Six: I just like it best, OKAY??


But! I know what you mean about the luster wearing off a name, and that could indeed end up being the dealbreaker. Unless SWISTLE’S FORCEFUL OPINION might renew the luster a bit? Well, I will hope.

In the meantime, I am going to brush away a bunch of concerns. Again, this is about how I feel, not about how you feel or how you should feel (though feel free to find my arguments persuasive).

One: Even though I love things to line up tidily, I don’t think it generally matters if one kid has a family first name and one has a family middle name. I also don’t think it generally matters if one kid has two family names and the other has one. I do acknowledge that there are tons of situations where I would be advocating that an attempt be made to adjust things in a particular situation (like when one kid has two super-important-and-sentimental family names but the sibling-to-be is getting none, or when three sons have been given double family names but the daughter-to-be is getting none), but nothing is setting off red lights for me with your various options. I guess it does seem slightly non-ideal to have the first name be one that is also a closer family member. But I think a lot of that can be spun using casual tone: “Oh, yes, well it was down to either Penelope Jane or Jane Penelope, and in the end we preferred Penelope Jane,” or “We knew we wanted to use Carter as either a first or middle name, so we just played around with names until we found the combination we liked best.”

Two: I don’t think it ends up being particularly confusing to have a grandparent and grandchild sharing a first name, especially when the surname is different. Or at least it has not mattered in my family, where one of my sons is named after my dad. What we noticed is that there’s hardly anyone in the family who would call both of those people by the same name. I call my dad Dad, I don’t call him by my son’s name. My kids call my dad Grampa. My mom calls them both by their first names, of course, but when she’s talking to me she refers to my dad as Dad, and when she’s talking to the grandkids she refers to him as Grampa. On the very few occasions where it could be confusing, such as when my mom is talking to her friends, it has not been difficult or problematic or sitcomesque to communicate or understand which one is being discussed. Really, a non-issue. With you and I BOTH seeing things this way, I don’t see how your husband can fail to find his perceptions changed. …However, I am still not in favor of the sound of Carter Hearty, so on second thought I take back this whole paragraph.

Three: Zinginess is nice but in the long run I have not found it MUCH different than non-zinginess. That is, I have felt Quite Zingy about two of my five children’s names, and I still enjoy DISCUSSING and THINKING ABOUT that zinginess all these years later—but with the other three names I felt something more like Settled Satisfaction, and in the long run I am not even sure which I’d rank higher. It was really fun to choose the zingy names, but I also found it a little extra stressful. It was a little less exciting to choose the less zingy names, but I also found it a little extra peaceful. And aside from wishing OTHER PEOPLE had chosen one son’s name at a lower frequency, I don’t wish in any of the five cases that I had chosen something more zingy or less zingy: all seem Just Right. So if it’s a little disappointing not to have Zing this time, you may indeed want to seek it out; but if you are similar in temperament to me, I don’t think it’ll matter much in the long run. But of course I say that in part because the name Calvin has zing for me.


So! Are we settled? You will name him Calvin Carter Hearty, and we will all be happy. *brushes off hands with zingy satisfaction*

Baby Boy or Girl Calbert-without-the-C, Sibling to Theodore (Teddy)


We’re in a bit of a naming quandary. We’re expecting our second child (due in June) and we won’t be finding out baby’s gender. We’re all set for a girl’s name, but we’re extremely stuck on a name for a boy.

We have a little boy named Theodore, called Teddy. Our last name is like Calbert – minus the ‘C’. My favourite names are Frederick and Edmund – but then we’d have Freddie/Eddie/Neddy and Teddy! We can’t do that…can we? Does it matter if the nicknames rhyme when the full names are so dissimilar? I assume Teddy will want to go by Theo as he gets older and that would mitigate the rhyming names – but then again, he may not. Unfortunately, these are the only names we’ve liked so far and we’re feeling very stuck and a wee bit panicky (why, I do not know. Pregnancy hormones maybe?).

Arthur was a strong contender when we were expecting Teddy – but I worry Arthur is too alliterative with our surname and one of Teddy’s close buddies is an Arthur. That said, it would solve our boy name issue if we just forged ahead with Arthur. I also have an aversion to surnames-as-first-names because our last name sounds like a first name and it gets confusing (to which my husband can attest). I’m also not a fan of names that rhyme with our surname; my husband suggested Calvin but I can’t get past Cal Calbert. Same with Alexander, etc.

If we have a girl, her name will be Rosalie. Our other girl picks are Georgiana and Clementine. if it matters, we’re hoping to have at least one more child after Teddy and his sibling.

Any name suggestions we’ve overlooked? Thoughts on a possible Teddy, Freddie, or Neddy sibset? Am I overthinking the alliterative nature of Arthur?

Thank you so much!


There are exceptions, of course, but in general I don’t worry very much about nicknames the way I worry about given names. I do like to think it over and take them into account, but I don’t really mind if they rhyme, or repeat an initial, or sound odd together, or any of the other things I do care about with given names.

In this particular case, I find I am drawn to the idea of allowing for rhyming nicknames—I think because the given names are quite dissimilar and so the possibility of ending up with rhyming nicknames just seems fun. In my extended family there is a sibling group that includes a James and a Timothy—so, Jimmy and Timmy, or Jim and Tim. It seems as if it would be an issue, but it’s just been slightly fun whenever anyone notices it, which is seldom (there are two other siblings, which I think dilutes the noticeability). And as you mention, your kids may not even end up using the nicknames that would rhyme, so I’d hate to see you rule out a great name on something that might not even come up.

I do have trouble saying Arthur with your surname. Not so much trouble that I’d rule it out if you both love it—but enough trouble that if I were making a list of names, I would make a note of not being sure if I liked it with the surname. It’s not so much the alliteration, I don’t think, since the two A- sounds are different; it’s something else I can’t quite put a finger on, with the particular mix of sounds. Something about the way -thur and Alb- connect, and then the not quite repeating first syllables Ar/Al. I prefer either Frederick or Edmund—though I also DO like Arthur, and again I don’t think the sound of it with the surname needs to rule it out.

I think you have three strong choices here, and at this point could let it simmer a bit to see if your feelings get stronger for one name in particular.

Baby Girl Martin, Sister to Beckett Grace

Help! I’m 30 weeks along with our second baby girl. Our first, Beckett Grace Martin, will have just turned 4 when she arrives. I loved the idea of androgynous first names with feminine middle names. My immediate first choice was Blake Elizabeth (my middle name was Elizabeth before marriage – I felt it was a mouthful with Beckett but I love it with Blake.) My husband wasn’t totally on board with Blake – worried it was too popular of a boy name. We brainstormed and he loves Clara. I worry it’s too popular (I have historically been anti-top 100 names) and now there is an animated movie coming out called Clara so this concerns me!

We need help! So with our last name Martin we don’t like names that end in -en, and my husband wants to make sure it’s easy for others to spell/pronounce – “a real name” he says! We don’t love names that start with M (Molly Martin) but we aren’t opposed to having two girls who start with a B (Beckett and Blake). Our third and fourth choices were Lana and Liv but we left them in favor of Blake and Clara. But I just don’t know if either will work. Any advice you have would be wonderful!

Thank you!


In the U.S. in 2015, the name Beckett was given to 99 new baby girls and 1,816 new baby boys: it’s a unisex name used mostly for boys. The name Blake is similar: in 2015, it was given to 748 new baby girls and 4,211 new baby boys. The name Clara, on the other hand, was given to 3,049 new baby girls and isn’t in the data base at all for boys: it’s less common overall than the name Blake, but with completely different usage. Lana and Liv are also both unambiguous names used exclusively for girls in the U.S.

I think the first step is to figure out how much this issue matters to the two of you. Some people care approximately zero, and would have two daughters named Max and Molly with no issue at all. Others care to the point of comparing usage on the Social Security data base. Most people are somewhere in between, I think: they don’t want to create a jarring effect, but they want to go with the names they love.

My own preference here would be to find something that is at least unisex, if not unisex-used-mostly-for-boys. That is, I think names such as Avery and Riley would work very nicely, even though those are unisex names used more often in the U.S. for girls. I would not be inclined to choose a name used exclusively for girls for one daughter, after I’d chosen a name used mostly for boys for another. So in this situation I’d cross off Clara, Lena, and Liv, without going so far as to say that I’d prefer the name to be the SAME type of unisex as the name Beckett.

It sounds as if your husband’s main concern with Blake is that it’s too popular of a name for boys—and indeed, it’s used for well over twice as many boys as the name Beckett. What if we looked at names in roughly the popularity range of Beckett? The name was #218 for boys in 2015, so I looked in that range and found these possibilities:


I also suggest Ellis and Hollis: both of them, like Beckett, have the option of shortening to a girlish nickname (Beckett/Becky, Ellis/Ellie, Hollis/Holly), yet the full names are used more often for boys. I like both of these options very much.

Micah is another one used mostly for boys, but with elements that make it seem right for girls as well. I like the repeating CK sound with Beckett: Beckett and Micah. Oh, but that is alliterative with the surname.

For something more like Blake, I wonder if any of these would work:

Flynn (or Finn, from the list above)

Or we could look at more surname names: it’s a good way to tie the two names stylistically, without feeling as much pressure to find another name used mostly for boys.


Baby Girl Myth-with-an-S, Sister to Henry and Grey

Hi Swistle. I need help naming my baby girl who is due at the end of January.

I love naming other people’s kids but have had the hardest time with my own. I have identical twin boys named Henry and Grey. Our last name sounds like the word myth with an S in front (think: the second most common American last name). When naming my twins, I specifically didn’t want matchy names- especially because they’re identical. I thought/think they balance each other nicely. Henry grounds Grey and Grey modernizes Henry (though Henry is trendier than I anticipated) in my mind. Adding a third name to the duo has me stumped. I feel like one twin name will be the outlier in style depending on which direction I go with a girl name. We will most likely have a fourth child. I used to think I cared more about a well-coordinated “sibset” but my taste in everything else leans a bit eclectic so I have let that go a little bit. A name we love is most important but I also want to like it with the boys’ names. Popularity statistics don’t always translate to real life in my experience so I’m not overly concerned with that either. Though, I think I can safely say I wouldn’t ever want to use a Top 10 name. That said, my girl name list is still all over the place and I’m having a hard time committing. My husband doesn’t really contribute names, he just says yes/maybe or no but is pretty easy to work with. I feel like no progress has been made for a while, though. And now I’m finding myself pretty apathetic about the whole process and I’m not sure why. Have I not found the right name? Do I need to see her first? When we finally settled on Grey and Henry (and their corresponding A and B middles) it was like the stars aligned and it felt just right, like I had solved a satisfying puzzle. I’ve not had that yet. So here is the list:

Perry- A longtime favorite of mine. My husband likes it but isn’t certain it’s “the name”. Probably my front runner but I’m second guessing myself. I like that all kids will share E, R, and Y in their names. Name websites put it in the “crotchety old man names that are cute for girls” section but to me it seems more akin to the Poppy, Posey, Piper set (all names I like, just not on my short list). EDIT: After writing this a childhood friend of my sister named her baby girl Perry! We were so surprised. I NEVER hear this name. She lives in my parents’ neighborhood and goes to church with them and we share many friends and acquaintances in common (and on social media, which is an eyeroll but also reality). I just don’t think it’s usable anymore. She’s very nice and might not mind but it would be startling, I think, for most people to hear me use it a couple months after her. I’m sad but my mind is 99.9% made up that I can’t/won’t use it. I just loved the flavor of this name.

Quincy- Super cute to me. My husband likes it. He prefers Quinn but doesn’t mind a longer given name.

June- Love this name. It’s the month of our anniversary. I’m having a hard time fitting my preferred middle names with it (but that’s not a deal breaker). I also don’t love a one syllable first with a one syllable last name but it’s also not a deal breaker. And I find myself especially attracted to one syllable names so I’m not fighting it.

Hattie- A cute family name. I don’t love the idea of shared first initials, but again, not a deal breaker. This one was well received by my in-laws and my husband had a more positive/enthusiastic reaction to it, as well.

Campbell- Another longtime favorite (before I even had kids) but I’m not sure it’s the one. I love surname first names. I though it was out of the running but my husband brought it up the other day and I remembered how fond of it I am so it’s back on.

Wren- Too similar to Henry? My husband isn’t sold. I love this name. It seems like the perfect girl name to me. But maybe not with my last name?

Greer- Too similar to Grey? There is a small town in our state called Greer that has a lot of meaning for us, especially my husband. I thought I gave up this name for Grey. I felt it was more important to name the male baby I did have versus the female baby I might one day have, which was the right choice. But I’m regretting it now, to an extent.

Frances- Another family tree name. The idea of a little girl nicknamed Frankie makes my ovaries glow. And I love every nickname for Frances. I’m just not sure Frances feels like my baby. But I want it to. The feedback I get when I mention this name is mostly forced smiles, raised eyebrows, and polite nods, which gives me pause.

Names my husband has definitely vetoed: Winnie, Louisa, Elouise, Caroline (he likes the nickname Coco but not Caroline and there are no other long names for Coco that we like), Fallon, Ivy, Arden, and Ada.

If this baby was a boy I was set on Roman. My husband liked Silas (though was worried about all the S sounds with our last name).

What would you choose from our list now that Perry is out? I decided June was my definite pick and have been telling people that’s her name but now I’m not so sure. I feel like I need to meet her first maybe? But I’m open to more suggestions. Nothing could make me more indecisive at this point- ha! Though I’ve entered and re-entered all these names into Nameberry and looked at similar names and lists of names containing my search I am left feeling like there are some I’ve missed or overlooked.



I’d be interested to know how many of us, seeing Henry and June together, think of the 1986 book or the 1990 movie. It seems like a faint connection, and you’ve been crowd-testing the name presumably without anyone bringing it up and you crossing it off the list as a result—but on the other hand, I have neither read the book nor seen the movie, yet I made the association and I know the gist of the plot. On the other-other hand, the names Henry and June ought to be familiar enough to have many associations beyond those. But back to the other hand, for me it’s like Will and Kate: each name separately doesn’t make me think of the royal pair, but the names together immediately do. But back to the other-other hand, it makes me feel sad to consider removing June. It’s such a great name. And I like the way it’s a word name like Grey, but more in the style of Henry, tying it to both.

Wren does feel too similar to Henry to me. And Greer does feel too similar to Grey to me, in appearance as well as in sound. I don’t think that means you CAN’T use them, but the slightly surprising similarity would be part of the package deal of the name.

Let’s see. If we do remove those for similarity, and if we also remove June, we’re left with: Quincy, Hattie, Campbell, Frances.

I love Frances/Frankie so much, and it seems to me that glowing ovaries is a very good sign. I also love that it’s a family name.

I might remove Hattie for its similarity to Henry: not just the starting H, but also the ending y/-ie.

Quincy and Campbell both seem like good options.

I’m interested in the split between the surname/unisex type names on the list (Perry, Quincy, Campbell, Greer) and the more traditional/girl names (June, Hattie, Frances). Do you find yourself leaning more toward one group or more toward the other? Would you be fine with a name from each group if your fourth child is a girl (Quincy and Hattie, for example, or Campbell and Frances), or would you prefer to have both names from the same group? The Campbell and Frances pairing appeals to me in this way: that Campbell has the feminine nickname Cammie, and Frances has the boyish nickname Frankie. Well, of course this doesn’t need to be decided right this minute, but I do think it can be helpful for the narrowing-down process.

Let’s go back to some of the names that are ruled out or might be ruled out, and see if we can find more options.

Perry is an interesting one. The sound to me is light and feminine; the look is out-of-style boy name. I’m also interested in the way the rhyming names are out of style: Barry, Carrie, Gary, Jerry, Larry, Mary, Sherry, Terry—except for Harry, but even that isn’t extremely popular. I wonder if you would like Percy, or Winslow. Percy may be too familiar as a boy name because of the Percy Jackson series. Winslow reminds me of Campbell in that it has a good feminine nickname (Winnie). Oh, but Winnie is on the veto list. Hm.

I’m finding it difficult to think of names similar to June. Jane and Jean and Joan spring to mind, but none seems sufficiently similar, and Jane with your surname seems almost tongue-in-cheek. Well, you know, maybe Joan, now that I think of it longer. I would definitely be ready to hear Joan again, and it has that little zing of surprise. Henry, Grey, and Joan. I do like that.

Or Sloane. Very different in style, but I thought of it because of Joan. Henry, Grey, and Sloane.

Or Luna. It has some similarities in sound, but the style is quite different. Henry, Grey, and Luna.

Rose is a name that’s in my own “similar to June” file, but such things are so subjective. Henry, Grey, and Rose.

Maybe Ruby? Henry, Grey, and Ruby. They all end in -y, which is interesting. Ruby has four letters (and could be considered a color) like Grey, but has two syllables like Henry. I love it with your surname.

I continue to be drawn to the idea of using a name that is a word name like Grey, but is more in the style of Henry. Something like Wren, June, Rose, Ruby. Pearl? Henry, Grey, and Pearl. Opal? Henry, Grey, and Opal.

Lane or Laine? Henry, Grey, and Laine. Cute nickname Laney/Lainey.

I wonder if you’d like Isla. Henry, Grey, and Isla. I might feel a little pressure then for the next child to have a name starting with F or J, to keep all the initials in that little section of the alphabet.

Lark is similar to Wren. Henry, Grey, and Lark.

Mirren is a bit like Perry, a bit like Wren. Henry, Grey, and Mirren.

That makes me think of Minerva, one of my own favorites. Henry, Grey, and Minerva.

Or maybe Cleo? Henry, Grey, and Cleo. Minerva and Cleo both feel to me like adding a third style, which gives you the Happy Assortment in sibling names, instead of having two of one style and one of another style.

The name Greer makes me think of Brooke Shields’s daughter Grier; her other daughter is Rowan. Henry, Grey, and Rowan. Though that rules out Roman if your next baby is a boy.




Name update:

I had the baby this week and we decided on June. We went to the hospital knowing it would be between June, Perry and Campbell. It was an obvious choice once we got to see and meet her- it fits her perfectly. I really appreciated reading everyone’s responses!