Baby Boy Globe-without-the-G, Brother to Elijah (Eli) and William (Will)

We are expecting our third boy in less than two months and we are not even close to choosing a name.

Our last name is pronounced like Globe without the G and our first two boys are Elijah Edward (nickname Eli) and William Louis (nickname Will). The name Elijah came to us kind of randomly but we liked that it was Hebrew in origin since we are Jewish and Edward was one of my grandpas’ names. William (not Hebrew in origin, I realize) fell into our lap because our tradition is to name after the most recently deceased relative and my grandpa Bill passed away a few weeks before William was born.

With that tradition in mind, we are likely going with Andrew as the baby’s middle name to honor my MIL’s mom (Ann), but we’re nowhere on the first name (we would also prefer a name that is Hebrew in origin this time, and that is why we’re not just going with Andrew and being done). The only real requirements are that the name works well with our other boys’ names and that it’s reasonably easy to spell and say. We are clearly okay with popular names since both our boys are in the top ten, but it doesn’t have to be overly common either.

Off the table family names include: Asher, Alexander, Ari, Zachary, Evan, Isaac, Jacob and Joshua.



When I was naming my own babies, I found I got very excited about girl names, but boy names were more of this kind of choosing process:

1. Make a list of names we’re fine with.
2. Pick one; it doesn’t really matter.

I mean, not REALLY: I did still fret and have fun and so forth. But I remember it felt like the pressure was off because all we really had to do was pick one of the perfectly fine names from our perfectly fine list. I thought of it as an upside AND a downside of naming a boy: less fun but also less stress.

I wonder if you’d like the name Benjamin. I think of that as such a warm, friendly name. Elijah, William, and Benjamin; Eli, Will, and Ben. I like that everyone gets a long form and a nickname. I like that the name Benjamin splits the difference between the biblical Elijah and the traditional William.

I have Jonathan in the same mental category as Benjamin. Elijah, William, and Jonathan; Eli, Will, and Jon.

Or Judah: it’s biblical, but it’s in current popular usage so it’s familiar. And it has the great nickname Jude. Elijah, William, and Judah; Eli, Will, and Jude.

One from my own list is Simon. Elijah, William, and Simon. I like that it’s biblical but not TOO biblical, so it doesn’t leave William out.

Another from my list is Daniel: I particularly like the nickname Dan. Elijah, William, and Daniel; Eli, Will, and Dan. I like that everyone gets an L, not that it matters at all; it just appeals to me.

If you used a name starting with A, would that count as naming the baby for your mother-in-law? Aaron and Adam are both good Old Testament A-names, and my guess is that if this WOULD satisfy the honor-name issue then you have already thoroughly considered them, but sometimes having someone else suggest something can freshen things up. Elijah, William, and Aaron. Elijah, William, and Adam.

I’m hoping commenters can help me with more Hebrew name suggestions: I was sort of floundering around in the Old Testament without knowing what I was doing.

28 thoughts on “Baby Boy Globe-without-the-G, Brother to Elijah (Eli) and William (Will)

  1. Vanessa

    Oh! I admit I didn’t read the response by Swistle (yet)…. but PICK EPHRAIM! It is our son’s name and it is so lovely. Wears great, Hebrew origin, and so handsome. I am 100% biased.

    Ephraim Andrew is amazing.

    Elijah, William and Ephraim.

    Good luck with a third boy.

    1. Vanessa

      Should have put happy exclamation points after my “Good luck” message. Three boys is such a treat!!

  2. Amanda

    I am really liking Ezekiel or even the less common Hezekiah. You could use the nickname Zeke for either of those names. I also like Malachi with the nickname Kai.

    1. sbc

      Was going to suggest Malachi! Also loooove Reuben (could still use “Ben” if you don’t mind folks assuming it’s for Benjamin) or Nathan (nn Nate)

      Others: Avi, Noah, Ezra, Abraham (nn Abe or Bram), Joseph

  3. Andrea

    If you like Ezekiel, then you also have Ziggy as a nn, although that doesn’t match your other boys’ names quite as well. It is still awesome, though. I think Swistle nailed it with Benjamin. Eli, Will, and Ben is perfection.

  4. Issa

    What about Gideon or Ezra? Both are sorta little old man names, but I know one of each at the moment and it’s lovely. Or Amos.

    Other more popular ones would be Caleb, Adam or Gabriel maybe?

    Or Nathaniel? Nate, Eli and Will sounds great together.

  5. Katie Mae

    Jared and Abraham are my personal favorite OT names, although Abe might not work with your last name.

  6. Kerry

    I wonder if Ethan would feel to you & your family as if it honors Ann. It strikes me as another name that hits the sweet spot of working well with both Elijah and William.

  7. Britni

    I’m one of those “don’t like to repeat first initials” so I’m not going to suggest an E/W names.
    I do like Abraham nn Abe. Abraham Andrew.
    Eli, Will, and Abe.

  8. MEG

    How about David (nn Dave or Davey)? Similar to William as a classic name but is biblical! Plus is a wonderful bible person to be named after. There’s also Gabriel (nn Gabe), I think that flows really well with your two boys names, soft but strong, plus has the common L!

    I also love Swistle’s suggestions of Judah (nn Jude)! Anyways enjoy having three boys, should be a fun adventure!

  9. Emarie

    Congratulations, I have three boys and you are in for a lot of fun! They have so much fun together.

    I love the recommendations of Jude and Ezekiel (Zeke or Ziggy) but my favorite is Benjamin. Benjamin just sounds like the littlest brother to me, fits with his siblings and is such a solid name for baby, kid and adult.

    Also, I never had girls to name, so I guess I can’t compare, but I really enjoyed boy names and coming up with names that held meaning and that would stand the test of time. Boy names, like boy clothes, are underrated in my book.

  10. Stephanie

    Benjamin was my first thought for you as well!

    I also love the name Caleb, but it doesn’t have a common nickname to go with it.

    How about Matthias, nn Matt?

    Or Nathan or Nathaniel, nn Nate? I think Nathaniel is my favorite with your sibset! Eli, Will and Nate.

  11. Jd

    I think Benjamin is perfect. In case that doesn’t do it for you how about
    Caleb Nickname Cal
    Joseph nn Joe (seems so fresh now!)
    James nn Jem

    I also love Judah and Nathan.

  12. Anyabeth

    I really love the suggestions of Abraham, Benjamin and Ezekiel. Isaac is also great and I love Azriel but maybe that is too far out?

  13. juniperjones

    Samuel or Samson! I love Eli, Will and Sam. Or Isaac (nn Ike), Isaiah or Levi?

    I like the suggestion of Simon too.

  14. Maree

    I don’t have a suggestion but wanted to second Samuel, David, Daniel and Benjamin, and Joseph. All these names were on my list and they are popular for good reasons.

    I also really like Dan as a stand alone name (as in the tribe of Dan), it doesn’t have to be a nickname for Daniel.

    I have three boys and it is great! Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  15. RL

    I was considering Anschel as one of our baby names – that could get you to the Ann, if you’d like. Otherwise how about:

    Hershel (I think Hershy is so cute)
    Raphael (we went with this one)

    Do you know your MIL’s Hebrew name? Maybe you could also honor her by a variation of that, if easier.

  16. TheFirstA

    I really like the suggestions of Benjamin & Judah for you. Eli, Will & Ben or Eli, Will & Jude would both make a great set.

    For Hebrew names that would bridge the gap between Eli & Will, perhaps David/Dave, Gabriel/Gabe, Nathan/Nathaniel/Nate, or Zachary/Zachariah/Zach?

    I’ll also throw out Abram/Abe, Jonah/Joe, and Solomon/Sol

  17. StephLove

    I like the suggestions of Benjamin and Jonathan. I think they fit into the group well. Samuel (nn Sam) is in that same category in my mind. Eli, Will, and Sam. Or Nathaniel (nn Nate). Eli, Will, and Nate.

    I like a lot of ends in -ah names. You have one already and if you don’t mind two of three with that ending, how about a shorter one like


    I’m thinking shorter because Eli and Will are short and these don’t nickname as readily as your older sons’ names, but if you didn’t use a nickname for this baby, the fact that Elijah goes by Eli might give you just the right mix of difference and similarity in style, e.g. Eli, Will, and Noah.

  18. Candice

    I suggest Jamin. Pronounced Jay-min. He was a decedent of Jacob through Simeon.
    It’s a bit fresher and less known than Benjamin.
    Elijah, William and Jamin.

  19. Reagan

    I like the suggestions of Daniel, David, Caleb, and Benjamin with Elijah and William.

    I would also suggest:


  20. Christi

    If you want something more Hebrew but still like the nn Ben we had a little Benaiah born at church. It’s pronounced Ben A Ya, so the nn Ben still works.

  21. Nicole

    What about Asa?! I must admit that is my son’s name, a wonderful wonderful name. Strong yet friendly. Totally underused. No nickname necessary, though that might be the deal breaker in this case. I think Asa makes a wonderful sibset in your family. Eli, Will and Asa sound like old timey gentlemen brothers in the best way.

  22. Carrie

    Myer/Meyer/Meir (choose your preferred spelling) is one of my favorite Hebrew names. It feels familiar while being uncommon as a first name and means “bringer of light” or “bright one”. It’s also my son’s name so I admit I’m biased. šŸ˜‰ Eli, Will and Myer

    My other favorites are Samuel and Jonah.

    Eli, Will and Sam
    Eli, Will and Jonah


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