Commenting Problems (Baby Name Blog Edition)

Are you having trouble commenting, here and/or on the personal blog? The good news is, it isn’t just you. The bad news is, this has been going on for quite some time, and although I am married to a guy who knows his way around the innards of a computer program, I’m in the role of the shoemaker’s wife who has no shoes. No, it’s the shoemaker’s children who have no shoes. Does no one give a thought to the shoemaker’s wife and her shoes? Maybe the expression involves the shoemaker’s whole family. I could look it up, but we’re having such a nice time.

Anyway, I would like to give the shoemaker a little poke in the ribs on the subject of the hole in my shoes, so I would like to do a poll. If you also can’t use the poll, email me: swistle at gmail dot com. Or you can tell me on Twitter.

…Wait. I can’t use the poll either. Because everything looked fine with it, but when I tried to vote it said “an error occurred” and didn’t register the vote. We will have to do freeform answers in the comments section. WAIT. We cannot do that! Because the comments section is what we are having trouble with.

*deep breath* Okay. Here is what we are going to do. If you are having trouble with the comments section sometimes but not always, leave a comment in the comments section if possible, telling me what’s going on. If you can’t use the comments section at all, email me or @ me on Twitter (whenever I say “at me on Twitter” I mentally add finger guns and a chk-chk sound, so add those to your mental picture of this exchange) and tell me what kind of problem it is. Is it timing out or resetting while you’re composing a comment? Is it acting as if it posted the comment, all except for the part where the comment gets posted? Does the comment appear not to post, but then it shows up later? Is the whole comment area is failing to load, so that there appear to be no comments and no way to leave a comment? Does it help to force-reload the page (on my Mac this is done by holding down shift and command and, while they’re still down, pressing R)? And tell me any other details that seem relevant—for example, is it happening on your phone but not on your desktop, or vice versa? It it happening every time or just sometimes? And so on.

9 thoughts on “Commenting Problems (Baby Name Blog Edition)

  1. StephLove

    This just reminded me I tried unsuccessfully to comment on the unexpected nickname post and couldn’t. That was the only time it ever happened. And I just now tried to post there again and it worked.

    I think what happened was the progress bar just got stuck partway and wouldn’t finish so after leaving the computer for a few minutes and coming back to find it the same I just quit, tried again, and had the same experience.

  2. TheFirstA

    I’ve not had any problems posting from my computer. I’ve never been able to post a comment on my phone, which I just always assumed was my phone’s fault.

  3. Matti

    I have had problems with commenting. A couple of months ago? The problem was the whole comment section failing to load. That soon cleared up, and not it sporadic. Everything looks and acts fine, but every few times I try to post, the comment will just not show up. I’ve been trying to remember to copy the text of my comment before I try to post so that if I do have to try again (and it often works on the second try) I can just paste it in.

  4. Vesna

    I just had an experience when commenting on the SSA baby name data entry. I have commented in the past and with the same email with no problem, but this time it said my comment was awaiting moderation. I abbreviated my name for that particular comment, I thought that might have been the issue but perhaps it is a software issue instead? I checked back over the weekend and didn’t see it in the comments. I just checked again after reading this update, and now I can see it. I usually comment via phone.

  5. Kelsey D

    Issues, but not every time. Maybe 1 in 10?? I’d say my biggest issue is the comment section shows me there is 14 comments but when I open it, I can’t read any. Then I try to leave a comment and sometimes it won’t let me submit (but not always). My biggest issue is definitely comment section not showing up but I know there are comments.

  6. Maree

    I have had a problem a couple (maybe 3 or 4 times total) of times where I type a comment but it times out before it loads. It seems to happen with long comments but that may be my perception. I use safari on my iPhone 4 (yep I’m into up to date tech 😀)

  7. StephLove

    i trouble again commenting on the Iris/Pearl post yesterday but managed it this morning. I was wrong about the progress bar. The screen just goes blank.


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