Baby Girl Faul, Sister to James, Vivienne, and Lillian

Dear Swistle,

We are having our fourth child and third baby girl in early November of this year! Our children are James Robert Faul (5yo), Vivienne Rose Faul “Vivi” (3yo), and Lillian Kate Faul “Lillie” (1yo). Girl names have always been more difficult for us…it was just hours before we left the hospital that we decided on Lillian.

I’ve always liked the name Scarlett, but have received mixed reviews from family and friends. I’d most likely use Marie/Maria or Christine/Christina for a middle name with Scarlett after my mother, however I am open to suggestions. One issue with Scarlett is that I don’t love the nicknames. I’ve thought of “SC” pronounced “Essie” but I don’t know if that is grasping too far…either from the first 2 letters of Scarlett or if I went with Scarlett Christina.

Other names we’ve considered are Caroline (my husband likes this), Madeleine (my mom likes this), Alice, Ellen, Alexandra, Marielle (I don’t know if this is too unusual?) I like nicknames like Elle, Ellie, Milly, etc. but don’t love some of the original names that go with those.

Maybe Scarlett as a middle name? Alice Scarlett, Ellen Scarlett??

This is so difficult the 3rd time around!! We would appreciate any suggestions that you might have.

Thank you!

Jessica and Bobby Faul


I like the idea of Scarlett as the middle name. It doesn’t quite fit with the style of the other names. If you were both absolutely set on using it, I’d say it doesn’t clash and it would be fine—but since you are already uncertain about the style and the nickname situation, then I’d put it on the middle-name list for now and see if you pine for it.

If you are pronouncing Caroline with a “lynn” ending (as opposed to a “lyne” ending), then I think it repeats too much about the first two girls’ names. Vivienne, Lillian, and Caroline almost rhyme, and they all have the same syllables and rhythm. The syllables and rhythm could make them a very compatible set, and in fact I like that; it’s the -lynn sound right after a Lillian that makes it feel Too Much to me. Madeleine has the same issue, if you’re pronouncing it with a -lynn sound instead of a -lyne sound. So does Ellen, except it has a different number of syllables; and in a list of the names, it seems almost like an echo of part of the name Lillian.

I like Marielle best from your list. Vivienne, Lillian, and Marielle. It changes the endings while keeping the length and the level of dressiness, and everyone gets nicknames. I even like the LOOK of the three names together. And I think it gives all three names a little French spin.

More to consider:

Annabelle Faul; James, Vivienne, Lillian, and Annabelle
Cecily Faul; James, Vivienne, Lillian, and Cecily
Cordelia Faul; James, Vivienne, Lillian, and Cordelia
Eloise Faul; James, Vivienne, Lillian, and Eloise
Emmeline Faul; James, Vivienne, Lillian, and Emmeline
Genevieve Faul; James, Vivienne, Lillian, and Genevieve
Josephine Faul; James, Vivienne, Lillian, and Josephine
Margaret Faul; James, Vivienne, Lillian, and Margaret
Marilla Faul; James, Vivienne, Lillian, and Marilla
Matilda Faul; James, Vivienne, Lillian, and Matilda
Rosalie Faul; James, Vivienne, Lillian, and Rosalie
Rosemary Faul; James, Vivienne, Lillian, and Rosemary
Sabrina Faul; James, Vivienne, Lillian, and Sabrina
Sylvia Faul; James, Vivienne, Lillian, and Sylvia

28 thoughts on “Baby Girl Faul, Sister to James, Vivienne, and Lillian

  1. Reagan

    I really like the idea of using a double letter name to “match” her sisters. Scarlett is okay but seems far less harsher and less elegant than her sister’s names. My favorite on your list is Marielle. It has several possible nicknames including Mari, Elle, Ellie, and Ari.

    Have you considered Marilla? I have really liked this name since reading “Anne of Green Gables”.

    Other names I really like with your other children’s are:

    Juliette (Jules or Jet)
    Annabelle (Annie or Ellie)
    Suzannah (Suzi or Suki)
    Allyssa (Ally)
    Camille (Milly)

  2. Liz

    My cousin is named Marielle, nn Ellie! She’s 48, and dropped the nickname several years ago, but I still think of her as Ellie.

    1. Erin Beth

      Another vote for Marielle! I knew a girl with that name who want by Ellie and I thought it was beautiful. I think Marielle Scarlett sounds nice with the sibling names and would incorporate the tribute to a Marie. I also like Eloise for you.

  3. Andrea

    Annabel also gets you the nn Nell, which is so lovely.

    I, for one, love Scarlett. I think it is a beautiful, classic name and goes beautifully with your other children’s names. If you want the nn Essie (which is fun) then use Christina in the middle. If it makes sense to you, and you like it, then that is all that really matters here.

    For the record, when I see Caroline or Madeline, as you spelled them, I automatically assume “line” NOT “lyn” and Caroline has a very different sound from Lillian. Plus, Caro is a gorgeous nn. I like this choice for you a lot. For the record, I have an Emeline and I do have to tell people the first time that it is pronounced with the “line” sound, but after that there has never been a problem.

    Marielle is also very lovely.

    You have such beautiful choices that you can’t go wrong!!

  4. Suzanne

    Another vote for Marielle! As I was reading, it immediately jumped out to me as such a great fit. I would even like Marielle Scarlett, although Marielle Christine is lovely too.


  5. beep

    Like other commenters, I also love Marielle for you, especially since it incorporates the Marie and you could get Mari, Ellie, or even Millie from it since you like nicknames. I also like Caroline and Rosalie.

    Some other thoughts:
    Eleanor (possible nn Ellie or Nell or Nellie)
    Corinne (possible nn Cora or Cori)

  6. Elle

    I have seen Letta and Lettie as nicknames for Scarlett!

    Marielle is beautiful. This might be silly, or just me, but Marielle Christine strongly reminds me of Merry Christmas. I would go with Marielle Scarlett, since your mom’s name is already in the name Marielle.

    Sylvia, nicknamed Sylvie, would be precious. James, Vivi, Lillie, and Sylvie.

    James, Vivi, Lillie, and Lettie.

    James, Vivi, Lilli, and Mari. James, Vivi, Lillie, and Ellie.

  7. Ash

    I’m coming to suggest Estelle!

    I do know of a little Scarlett and I LOVE her first name and it fits her so well! What about Elsie? Elsie Scarlett?

    Other suggestions:

  8. Kay W.

    I love Lettie as a nickname for Scarlett. I also think Carlie or Arlie could work, though they’re more of a stretch.

    What about Charlotte, nickname Charlie, Lottie, or Lettie, instead? Charlotte Christina is lovely!

  9. StephLove

    I like Caroline with the long i ending and Alice. I want to stretch Ellen out to Eleanor to match the syllable count and style of the sister names. Oddly, I don’t have that impulse with Alice. (Allison seems like a worse match, too modern I guess.)

  10. Kelsey D

    My daughter (6yo) has a friend named Marielle and it’s a lovely name. I really love it. Marielle Scarlett is pretty precious and completely fits in perfectly with your other kiddos names. (FYI – her friend’s family members call her Melly and it’s pretty cute)

    That would be my vote!
    Good luck!

  11. sandra

    I think Lettie is a lovely nn for Scarlett and matches Vivi and Lillie
    Marielle is lovely also but maybe the nn Ellie is too close to Lillie?
    Of the other names in your list I think Madeleine is my favourite nn Lainie rather than Maddy

  12. juniperjones

    Marielle jumped out at me too – fabulous! Other elle ending names I thought of are Isabelle and Gabrielle. I think all would be fabulous but I like Isabelle best with Vivienne and Lillian!

  13. JMV

    Marielle is my favorite from your list. It reminds me of another favorite of mine – Marietta. You have lovely choices. Best of luck.

  14. Dr. Awkward

    Seconding the idea of Mirabelle if Marielle isn’t quite right! It does seem fun to continue with the double letters.

  15. Beth

    Of your choices, I think Alexandra, Caroline, and Marielle are lovely with your other children’s names. If you like Essie as a nickname for Scarlett, I think it works just fine, even without the “SC” initials. It sounds the phonetic sound of the letter S.

  16. Sargjo

    You like the nicknames Ellie and Essie, but Ellie is super close to Lillie and Scarlett isn’t feeling like the right fit. What about Elsie? Long names could be Elizabetta or Anneliese (to keep the double letter motif which I think is cool).

  17. Hope

    I suggest Cecilia or Celia. James, Vivienne, Lillian & Cecilia. I think Scarlett actually goes well with your other names too though.

  18. Jean C.

    I’m in love with Marielle! So much nickname potential. I’ve never met one, but it sounds like a name to me, and it sounds perfect with her siblings.

  19. Maree

    James doesn’t appear to have a nickname so it would be ok to bend the pattern if you want. What about a girl’s name that ends in an ee sound like Naomi, Felicity or Avery? There are heaps of these.

    Otherwise what about Rose? One syllable like James but has the option of Rosie to match with the girls?

    James, Vivi, Lillie and Rosie?

    Or Grace?
    James, Vivi, Lillie and Gracie?

  20. Kim C

    I really like Swistle’s suggestion of Josephine with your sibset.

    James, Vivi, Lillie and Josie

    Josephine Marie or Josephine Grace perhaps?

    Matilda, Eloise, Genevieve and Cecelia are great too!

    Mattie, Ellie, Evie or CeeCee!

    Good luck!

    1. Kim C

      Oh no! Just realized I commented regarding a previous post!

      Oh well, Saffron is still a great choice here too!

      James, Vivienne, Lillian and Saffron


  21. Arthur Lover

    Yes, to Marielle! I’m voting, voting!
    But also adding that Amelia can get you to nickname Millie and also has compatible sounds for your siblings.
    James, Vivienne, Lillian and Amelia

  22. Angela

    Ooh I have a very similar name style. I have a Jack, a James, and a Rosemary! Other runners up were Vivienne and Lillian! I’m definitely not a fan of Scarlett though.

    Here’s more of my list to inspire you (Though Swistle already covered most of them!):
    Estelle, Celeste, Cordelia, Eleanor, Cecily.

    Of the suggestions in this thread I also love Marielle! She could be Mary, Ellie, Elle…so cute!


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