Baby Boy Mavis-with-a-D, Brother to Edward, Fiona, and Harriet

Hi Swistle!!

Well our beautiful baby boy was born last week and we have yet to find a name for him. I never understand people who could leave the hospital without naming their baby, but alas, that is us. Our last name is Mavis with a D.

Our three eldest children were fairly easy to name: Edward Joseph (grandfathers name), Fiona Potter (Potter is a family surname), Harriet Pauline (Pauline is my grandmothers name).

For this little guy, we just haven’t had one “click” yet.

My husband is fully against my favorite which is George, so that is out. He likes the name but just can’t get over how I have a living uncle George.

His favorite is Ashford, claiming he loves it because of the different nicknames available to him – Ash and Ford, as well as how it is somewhat gender neutral. We would name him Ashford Lee, so he would have the same initials and same middle name as me (though mine is spelled with the “igh”). My husband loves that idea and how with him being our last baby, and how he was a successful much desired VBA2C, as a tribute to me. I think it’s sweet.

The other 2 names that we are still considering are Felix (my grandfathers middle name) and Crosby which is my maiden name.

I look at this baby and keep seeing Felix, but wonder if having a Fiona and a Felix is too much “Fi”/”Fe” sound? We call our daughter Fi or Fifi, and are unlikely to call our son those nicknames, so I’m just not sure if it’s a concern.

Crosby is probably in 3rd place now, but still a contender. We love how unique it is and yet it’s still a family name.

What do you and your readers think? We could really use some insight from people who haven’t been thinking of these names over and over for so long.

Thank you!!!





Name update:

Hi Swistle!

I am so happy to announce that we came to an agreement on baby’s name! Everyone’s comments were so very helpful in our conversations at home as we got to know our little man. When it came down to it, my dear husband told me that he liked the name George (his only issue with the name was that I have a living Uncle George) and that since he had named Edward, I could name our last baby. I broke down in tears with relief and asked him to pick his middle name. I’ve attached a photo of our fourth and last child, George Crosby! We couldn’t be happier and am so glad that we took our time in making the decision. Thank you so much for all of your help!!


62 thoughts on “Baby Boy Mavis-with-a-D, Brother to Edward, Fiona, and Harriet

  1. Renee

    Congratulations on the VBA2C! And the sweet boy of course. If it were me, Crosby would be a slam dunk. I love it when maiden names are usable and this one is so usable. Sure, it’s a bit off style from the most classic style of your three, but fits well enough with the whimsy of your girls and it’s the most important surname that hasn’t already been used. Crosby George. It’s not unusual for parents to get more daring with each child.

    I love Felix, it’s one of my very faves, but too much with Fiona. He’ll get Fi/Fee at some point, maybe not from your family, but it’ll happen. Besides, don’t you use initials as shortform? E and F and H and …? Maybe that’s just me.

    I think Ashford is an intriguing choice, but if you were sold, you wouldn’t be writing. Maybe because both Felix and Crosby have the family connection!

    Take time, whatever you do. From personal experience, try to ride the first few days before making that huge decision if it’s not already clear. Good luck!! You have a wonderful set already, I’m sure he’ll fit right in with a fantastic meaningful name.

  2. Lauren

    I love Crosby! It was on our list for our first son…who is Felix! Very few people call him Fee, for what it’s worth. We were very close to naming our second son an F name but my husband also has an F name and three felt like too much. But not two. I think Fionna and Felix would be super cute!!

  3. Meigh

    Crosby, so very much Crosby. Do it for those of us with terrible maiden names! I love Crosby George, it’s super cool, but has an uber traditional middle in case he turns out to be more of a straight laced type.

    1. Katie

      This!!! Crosby George!! Such a fantastic name on its own, and made even better because Crosby is your maiden name.

  4. Reagan

    It is hard when your baby looks most like a name that doesn’t work well with another one of your children’s names. I do find Felix too similar to Fiona to be ideal. Maybe if you named him Felix but called him Lex that would work.

    Perhaps you can think of what it is about Felix that seems right for your baby and find another name from that approach.

    Is it the meaning? Asher also means lucky or fortunate and that is close to Ashford.

    Is it the x sound? Alex might work and still allow for using your initials.

    All that said, I agree with the previous poster that Crosby is a great choice with a great story,

  5. Meg

    Another vote for Crosby! I so very badly wanted to name a son my maiden name, but alas I have all girls and it didn’t fit.

  6. KD

    I agree that Crosby seems like the perfect choice. I like Felix, but Felix and Fiona do strike me as too similar. Crosby Felix? I like Ashford, but I don’t like the lack of any significance behind it. It seems a bit random, unless there’s a backstory you haven’t mentioned. What about just Ford? Or Asher? Both sound great with your last name. But my first vote is for Crosby–it’s a great name AND it’s your maiden name, which carries it to the top for me. Good luck!

  7. Marissa

    My problem with Ashford is that it sounds like a garble-y version of “Edward”.” Too similar and sounds a bit like you’re saying “Edward” with a moutful of marbles.
    Felix and Fiona are also pretty similar. I’m not crazy about the sound of Crosby as a first name, it’s pretty harsh especially as compared to the other children’s names. No offense meant! It also seems like for your other children, the honor names are in the middle, so maybe Crosby as a MN?
    Some first name suggestions, paired with Crosby as a MN:
    Owen Crosby
    Oliver Crosby
    Sebastian Crosby
    Isaac Crosby

    Good luck!

    1. Lashley

      This is a good point (the mouth-full-of-marbles version of “Edward”). I could see myself getting tongue twisted with these two names in one family!

  8. Lucy

    I love Crosby! Felix is great too, but Crosby is your maiden name 😍 and it doesn’t repeat an initial. I love it so much!

  9. Ash

    I’m joining the masses for Crosby! While I like Ashford it just sticks out as too surname-y. I feel like Crosby and your last name flow well together and the name sounds lovely with your current sibset.

  10. Cameron


    Using the mom’s maiden name as the baby’s name is pretty much the best thing ever. I STRONGLY prefer Crosby–but if not–at least put it for the middle! He could be Crosby Ford or Ford Crosby? At least the first or the middle should be Crosby or Lee, though, for sure to get a family name.

  11. TheFirstA


    It’s too bad about George, I think it really would be perfect for you.

    I’m not crazy about Ashford, it feels very odd-man out compared to the more traditional first names of your other children. However, I adore the idea of this baby being a namesake for you. Are there any other A names that you like or would consider using? Alistair, Alexander, Alonzo?

    Felix & Fiona are iffy for me. I would for sure say no if they were twins (I don’t care for matchy twin names). But with at least 1 kid in between (assuming you listed the names in birth order), I think it works. I also want to push you towards this name since you said that you see Felix when you look at him. Sometimes we just need to go with our instinct, and I think this is one of those times. If you are worried about nicknames, maybe something like X for Felix? I love the idea of Felix Lee, just to keep the nod to you in there.

    I’d put Crosby in the same category as Ashford. It just feels off with the sibling set to me. I’d probably move Crosby to the potential middle name list.

  12. Jordan

    Fwiw, I think George is spectacular with your other kids names. I like Ashford but it feels a little more modern in style than your other three kiddos. I think Felix is great but if you feel it’s too close to Fiona (I can’t decide if I think t is) then I think Crosby is a winner. It’s uncommon and a family name and honors you in a different way than sharing initials :)

  13. Shaeby

    Congratulations! It’s a shame about George; it seems like the best fit style-wise with your other children’s names.

    When I say Ashford Mavis-with-a-D, it blends together and comes out like a slogan: Ash for Mavis-with-a-D! But since no one else has mentioned this issue, it could just be me!

    I’d go with Felix or Crosby. I like Felix with your other children’s names and the Felix I know is never called Fi or Fifi. I like the idea of Crosby a lot, but as a former resident of Pittsburgh, I reflexively associate Crosby with the half dozen children I know (mostly girls) named Crosby after Pittsburgh Penguin star, Sidney Crosby. But this is a very regional thing and probably a non-issue for you.

  14. Kerri

    All of your children have at least a family middle name (I can’t tell if Edward Joseph is the full family name, or just his middle), so I would definitely keep that trend going. I think both Lee (respelled version of your middle) and Crosby would fit there.
    George -husband doesn’t like
    Ashford – nor your favorite, doesn’t fit well with siblings
    Felix – awesome name, fits well with siblings, but repeats the same first syllable of Fiona. I don’t think that Felix would necessarily get called Fe, but I do think since Fiona goes by Fi, it would be too much. It’s not that they have the same first syllable, but that his name starts with her nickname. I think it’s too much, although the fact that you think of Felix when you look at him means a lot.
    Crosby – perfect middle name, but I don’t think it goes well with siblings.
    A few suggestions: William, Oliver, Arthur, Henry, Jack.
    Good luck!

  15. beep

    What about Lee as a first name? He could be Lee Crosby, Lee Ashford, or Lee George. Lee feels to me so timeless, classic, and simple that it can slip into many different naming styles without being jarring. It has that unisex quality and sort of feels like a nickname even though it isn’t–maybe it will appeal to your husband in the way Ashford does. It’s easy to picture on a cute baby or a disaffected teen or a distinguished professional, etc.

    I like Felix and don’t think it’s totally unusable, but for me it would be too close to Fiona (especially one called Fi sometimes). I love the idea of maiden names for first names, but for me Crosby has a kind of guttural growly sound that I don’t love. I might well feel differently if I had positive associations with the name from having grown up with it, and that probably wouldn’t be my first thought if I met a kid named Crosby or keep me from using it if I felt personally connected to the name. Ashford doesn’t feel to me like it matches your other kids’ names.

    Are there any other family names if you go back to the family tree? What are your and your husband’s other grandparents’ names, since you’ve already used two?

    Other random ideas:
    Frank or Franklin

  16. Estelle R

    I’ll go against the current here and say that for me, the one that fits the least with the other children’s names is Crosby. You have three traditional names with a lot of history, using a surname name for the last child just doesn’t work in my opinion. I just don’t think it has the same vibe. I would go with Felix, I think it’s just different enough from Fiona, it fits with the others, and I love the sound of it. Ashford would be my second choice too, it just doesn’t fit quite as well, but it sounds more classical than Crosby.

  17. Sargjo

    I know what you mean about a baby looking like a name-that’s pretty powerful. That said I love Crosby too. Could you try out Crosby nicked Crow for a couple hours and see if that sticks?

  18. Laura

    Haven’t read all the comments, so someone might have mentioned this already. I love the name Felix, but I’m not sure Felix Mavis-with-a-D flows super well? I find it a little hard to say. Something about the X ending followed by the S ending. If that’s not a dealbreaker for you then I’d go for Felix. I definitely think Felix and Fiona are different enough to use both.

    My personal vote is for Crosby though! Love the name and the fact that it’s your maiden :)

  19. Megz

    I really like George for you. Is there any way your husband can be talked around? Not only because George goes so well with the other children’s names (which I don’t think Ashford or Crosby do), but because initials wise you would have an E F G and H.

    If George is out, what about Gordon?

    It might bug me a little that the G and H were reversed so I’d also consider I names. Ian, Irwin, Ivan?

    Congratulations and let us know what you choose.

  20. Jd

    If you think Felix and Fiona are too close (I do) then you should have the same problem with Ford and Fiona. this kills Ashford for me.
    I love Crosby. I also love George (I have one myself).

  21. kate

    I love your children’s names! My own baby is an Edward Felix. I’m not a particular fan of Crosby or Ashford with this sibling set, though – Edward, Fiona, and Harriet have all been in popular use as first names for centuries and sound very Classic Traditional to me (Fiona’s the youngest of the lot, and it’s been around since the 1700s!), whereas Crosby and Ashford sound more Modern Surname. I also think Felix and Fiona are too close in sound.

    Can I persuade your husband to George? As another commenter mentions, the E F G H initials are really pleasing, and George is also Classic Traditional and sounds great with your other kids’ names.

    If not George, how about Oliver, William, Henry, Hugh, Neil, Colin, Arthur, Charles?

  22. Colleen

    Is there any way to convince your husband that the best tribute to you would be to let you use the name George? *wink wink*

    Kidding, you should find a name that both of you love. It’s a shame he doesn’t like George, because it fits really well with your children. I really like Felix, but I do think it’s too much with a sister named Fiona. I am not a fan of Ashford at all; I appreciate your husband’s intentions, but it just seems odd. I could see Asher, but Ashford just sounds clunky and odd.

    I really like Crosby. The family connection is too wonderful to pass up, and what a fitting tribute to you!

    Good luck!

  23. Ashley

    Just like so many others, I long for your husband to get on board with George. It’s a perfect fit with your sibling set. But, if that’s a lost cause, go with Crosby. It’s a great name and great nod to you, even if it’s a little left of Edward.

    It sure would we satisfying if he could have a middle name that starts with J like his brother, since the girls both have Ps! Any contenders there?

  24. Lashley

    What a puzzle! I think it’s sweet that your husband wants to honor you and your VBA2C accomplishment, but I agree with other commenters who have said he might consider doing so by letting you choose your favorite name. ;) I also find it curious that he wants a gender-neutral name after being on board with 3 very gender-specific names, but maybe there’s more backstory there.

    As I reply-commented above, Ashford and Edward do sound odd together to my ear. I say either use Lee or Crosby in the middle name slot (I vote Crosby times a million, for what it’s worth) and maybe go back to the drawing board for the first name? While having a one week old without a “real” name might not be your favorite thing, you have the benefit of trying out all the names on an ACTUAL baby!

    We had Felix on the list for our two boys, so I’ll throw out some other names we liked that might suit you guys –

    Asher Crosby (M)avis
    Cyrus Crosby (M)avis
    Crosby Ash (M)avis (possible initial weirdness here, maybe Crosby Ford?)
    Hugo Crosby (M)avis
    Philip Crosby (M)avis

    I tried putting Lee in the middle name slot, but then everything sounded like an adverb (Hugo-ly (Ma)avis)! Good luck. I hope this means we get an update soon!

  25. Jillio

    I like the idea of an E, F, G, H connection. If George is out, what about Gregory? Or Gabriel? Or Graham?

    Of your choices, these are my preferences
    1. George
    3. Felix
    4. Ashford

    Good luck!

    1. Meg

      I also noticed the EFGH that could happen if they go with a G name? How about Gideon? Or Gerrit/Garrett? Or even Gannon or Glen or Gregory or Gregor?

      Could your husband get on board with naming baby George with a nickname of Jay to differentiate with your uncle?

      I love the name Felix but think it may be too close to Fiona and kind of runs into the last name a bit. Same with Ashford. Crosby definitely could work, it is along a different line than your other kids but overall I think it could fit in.

  26. Toniette Giesbrecht

    I HAVE A FIONA AND A FELIX!!!!! lol. Sorry, got a little bit excited :) Felix is my eldest, he’s the oldest, with four little sisters. After him come Blythe, Eloise, and twins, Charlotte and Fiona. I wondered the same, if it would be too much “fee” for our family. Honestly, if we had only had a singleton girl last, I probably wouldnt have done Fiona for that reason, two out of four beginning with ‘fee’ seemed like too much. But, now that we have a family with two out of five starting with ‘fee’, no one even notices. I’ve pointed it out to folks and no one besides me even cares! So, if you love them both (AS YOU WELL SHOULD!), go for it :)

    1. Toniette Giesbrecht

      I’ve been thinking about this all day. When exclusively comparing the names Felix and Fiona, I find I emphasize the Fee in both.
      But, in real life, when I’m actually saying my kids names for daily things, the first syllable almost gets lost. The emphasis for Felix when I’m calling him is slightly more towards the -lix (like fe LIX!!! it takes my tongue a millisecond longer to make the X sound), and for Fiona, the strongest syllable is the O. In actual family life, the similarities are not noticeable. So again, my vote is strongly to do it. I’m so looking forward to your update! All your options are great!

  27. juniperjones

    What about Peter? Classic but underused. Or Oscar? Samuel?

    I really feel like Peter fits perfect. Peter Crosby (M)avis. Edward, Fiona, Harriet and Peter.

  28. Kelsey D

    Congrats on the VBAC! I attempted one myself and didn’t end up working out, so glad for you :)

    I feel like I’m one of the few, but I don’t think Fiona and Felix are too close at all. Especially since they are opposite genders (vs. two girl names that started with the same letter).

    Whereas I feel Ashford and Edward sound so much alike, if you are planning on calling them by their full names (less an issue of shortened).

    I like Crosby.

    Not sure if you would consider other names or if that’s just too confusing at this point. But here are some:

    Louis (Lou-ie)

  29. Emily

    You’ve probably already decided, but please do George.
    It sounds perfect with your sibset.
    Your kids would have the initials E, F, G, H (with last name D!)
    I’m very proud of you for your vba2c…I am a VBAC mama too, but had a pretty traumatic VBAC, too, so I’m hoping and praying for a healing VBAC after two difficult deliveries. I think dad should let you choose after such a great job! ;)

  30. AlexiswithaG

    Oooo, I like Graham. One other wise commenter beat me to it- but what of Lee in the first spot? My preference would be a variation:
    Or… Leighton? (pr: LAY tin or LATE in) It’s got British origin… doesn’t it? Perhaps swings more girl than boy but I love the connection.

  31. Meg

    How about franklin (nn Frank) or Frederick (nn Fres$, I feel like those are other “F” names that would suit the sibling names! Good luck with the naming!

  32. Kas

    Congratulations on your baby boy, I really like George its classic and is perfect with his siblings I’m sure you have already considered these suggestions but George makes me think of Hugo, Frederick/Franklin (suggested above), James, Percy or Patrick.

    I love Hugo Crosby Mavis-With a D

    All the best xx

  33. hystcklght3

    I just have to say how much I love Harriet Pauline :)

    I actually don’t like Crosby with the sibset (as others mentioned). Also, super in support of George and sad that’s out!

    Other random thoughts (you’ve probably named your kiddo already but still!):
    Gerard (also very pro-E F G H!)

  34. A

    I think George fits the best with the siblings but if husband is not on board then I wonder if you would like Graham or Grant?

    I agree with others that Felix and Fiona is a little too much Fe-. Perhaps Felix would make a good middle name choice

    Ashford Lee is a sweet way to honor you but I think Ashford and Edward are too close in sound. What about Arthur Lee? It still uses your initials and it fits nicely with the siblings.

    I have to say I absolutely LOVE Crosby and I think it would make a great name, whether in the first or middle spot.

    Grant Crosby
    Grant Felix
    Graham Felix
    George Crosby
    Crosby George
    Arthur Lee
    Alfred Lee
    Alexander Lee (I like the nickname potential for Alexander)
    Felix Crosby (called Crosby)
    Crosby Felix
    Crosby George

  35. Dwd

    I love Crosby!!! If it was a family name for me it’d be the obvious winner. Though your other children have more traditional names, they’re also spunky so I think it goes in nicely. And I think it’s important he still gets a family name like the others. Good luck.

  36. Kay W.

    Normally I wouldn’t be a fan of Crosby (it’s such a specific name, with a specific feel!), but in your case it’s really great. Crosby Mavis– wow, it’s memorable. And so meaningful. I think it’s an easier surname-name to carry than Ashford too and I also agree with an earlier commenter who mentioned how Edward and Ashford echo each other. I hadn’t noticed it, but now it’s all I hear! I also think Felix and Fiona are not impossible, but less than ideal.

    Crosby F–lix? Crosby Ge0rge? Crosby with a middle name from your husband’s side of the family?

    Crosby’s the winner, I think!

  37. Kim C

    William nn Will was the first name that came to mind, followed by Charles nn Charlie.

    Crosby is a very distinguished name and would certainly stand out from the crowd. If you’re not quite sure, the name Oscar has a similar sound and fits in nicely with your other children’s names.

    Edward, Fiona, Harriet and Oscar. Great!

    What about James?

    All the best!

  38. WENDY

    George is perfect, George Crosby :-)

    I love Crosby as a middle name but don’t think it works so well with your other names (if you really wanted to go maverick with Crosby I don’t think you would have written:-)

    Other names that would work well for you:

  39. elizabeth

    Another vote for Crosby! I actually think it sounds really good with the sibling set–it’s not that unusual of a name. And it sounds great with the surname, plus it being your maiden name is super.

  40. Celeste

    Crosby is great, and yet I so want a G name in the mix!


  41. JMV

    Crosby Ashford is my favorite. Crosby George a close second…and maybe better initials if that bothers you.


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