Baby Boy Fox, Sibling to Atlas and Gwendolyn

Dear Swistle,
I need serious help on finding a name for baby #3, a boy due in April. Boy names are especially difficult to decide on for us and we aren’t in love with any of our options. Our first child is named Atlas which is an old (old) family name that my husband was adamant on using. Our second child is a little girl named Gwendolyn which was my great-grandmother’s name that I had always loved. But now with with baby #3 coming just around the corner I feel like we’ve used the names we felt the most strongly about and have no clue on what to name this new little boy! One of the hardest things is what goes with Atlas??? Admittedly I was very hesitant to name him Atlas in the beginning and wanted him to go by Gregory, his middle name. But now the name has grown on me and I can’t call him anything else.
For this new baby we would like a strong name that’s not very popular and I’d prefer something a little longer because our last name is Fox. Here are some names we’ve considered:

Edison: both of us feel ok about this but not great. Eddie is a cute nickname but I dislike Ed.

Frederick: a strong contender for me, but is the alliteration too much especially with the nickname Freddie? Freddie Fox? Would he hate me forever?

Declan: I really like Declan but my husband thinks it is too trendy and harsh sounding

Henry: I really like Henry, but my husband likes Henrick better. I am also worried on how popular Henry is.

Theodore: a strong contender and I like Theo a lot, but we have a niece named Thea and feel like it’s too close.

Please help!

Thank you so much,


I am very keen on the name Frederick anyway, but I particularly like it in this case. None of the names on your list are as distinctive as Atlas, but the alliteration of Frederick Fox brings up the distinctiveness considerably.

My other top choice from your list is Edison: I think it’s the closest to the style of Atlas. I hesitate a little because you dislike the nickname Ed; that’s my only reason for putting it second. Well, and also that I am charmed by the idea of Frederick Fox.

Because Atlas is a family name, I don’t think you have to try as hard to match the style of it: “It’s a family name” goes a long way to explain. Yet I feel reluctant to add a Henry or a Theodore here: in another sibling group it would be different, but after an Atlas and a Gwendolyn they seem like they lack a certain SNAP. I am turning to the Exotic Traditionals section of The Baby Name Wizard to find some snap:

Aidric Fox; Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Aidric
Alistair Fox; Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Alistair
Augustus Fox; Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Augustus
Barnaby Fox; Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Barnaby
Dashiell Fox; Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Dashiell
Jasper Fox; Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Jasper
Justice Fox; Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Justice
Malachi Fox; Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Malachi
Phineas Fox; Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Phineas

I’m not sure about Augustus: it repeats the first and last letters of Atlas. Alistair, too, involves some repetition of sounds. But I still liked them both, so I left them on. More suggestions:

Broderick Fox; Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Broderick
Desmond Fox; Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Desmond
Hugo Fox; Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Hugo
Judah Fox; Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Judah
Lachlan Fox; Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Lachlan
Merritt Fox; Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Merritt
Sebastian Fox; Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Sebastian
Solomon Fox; Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Solomon

Or I wonder if you might find something else way back in the family tree? It would be fun if all the names were family names.




Name update:

Hi Swistle,
We had our baby boy Fox on March 29th! It’s taken a while reply because of a little ppd and a lot of travel with 3 small children (not recommended). But we named him Malcolm Henry and he weighted in at 7 lbs 5 oz – exactly the same weight as both his brother and sister. I really liked the suggestions everyone gave and decided to dig deeper into our family tree and found a Malcolm on both sides. We call him Mack for short, or Mackie as our two year old loves to say.

Thank you for all your help!


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  1. Jordan

    Oh goodness I am LOVING swistles suggestions! I agree Henry and Theo lack snap with the lovely Gwendolyn and the distinctive Atlas. Hugo, Desmond, and Dashiell are such great options! I’m really looking forward to hearing what you name this little guy. From your list I adore Frederick!

  2. Kimberly

    I immediately thought of Felix, though that’s a lot of alliteration with your last name. I love Swistle’s suggestion of Sebastian and Hugo.

  3. Ash

    From your list I also vote for Frederick!

    Other suggestions:

    Prescott; Atlas, Gwendolyn and Prescott (I know it’s the repeating “o” sound in F0x) but I still like it! I feel like Atlas and Prescott go together

    Baxter: Atlas, Gwendolyn and Baxter (repeat “x”)

    Garrison: Atlas, Gwendolyn and Garrison (you have two children starting with G)

    Titus: Atlas, Gwendolyn and Titus (repeat “s”)

    Pearson: Atlas, Gwendolyn and Pearson

  4. TheFirstA

    I agree Henry and Theo seem a bit bland next to Atlas and Gwendolyn. I also like the idea of another family name if possible. Is there something there you like, even if perhaps you don’t feel as strongly about it as the others? Or perhaps there is a family surname that would be meaningful and just unusual enough to hold its own with the sibling names?

    From Swistle’s suggestions I really like Aidric for you. I’ll also suggest Benedict, Montgomery, Fletcher, Everett, Everest. Maybe a virtue name like Noble or Loyal? I also like Archer, but can’t decide if its too similar to Atlas or not.

  5. Ellis

    The British children’s series Peppa Pig has a character named Freddy Fox. Honestly, I’m not that familiar with the show, but my first instinct on that name was, Isn’t that a cartoon character? I love the name Frederick, but any F name makes me think of a Looney Tunes or Disney character (Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Roger Rabbit, Freddie Fox). I think you have some other great options! My favorite is Dashiell.

  6. Bkb

    I vote for Hugo. I also like the suggestions of Solomon, Desmond and Duncan with the sibling names. I think you need a clunky-cool name to fit. Frederick would work–and the alliteration doesn’t bother me–but I don’t know how big of a deal it is to you.

  7. Sargjo

    I have a Frederick-so here are a few more names from our list to add although I think Swistle’s list is so excellent, particularly Hugo and Barnaby. I would call Barnaby “Arnie” but anyway….

    Henrik (also on your husband’s list!)
    Jude (I know it’s short but I like Jude Fox so much!)

  8. sbc

    Somehow, the name Ethelbert is really calling to me to round out your sibling set. Bertie Fox is super cute for a little kid and if he wants to go by Bert as he gets older, people will probably just assume Robert and not think much of it. If you give him a middle name starting with J, he could also use EJ.

    But if you don’t have a family name you love, maybe look at other things–saints, Nobel prize winners, hall-of-famers from your favorite sports teams–to pick something that’s meaningful to you.

    Since you liked Edison, maybe there are scientists or inventors whose names you’d like to use?

  9. D

    I am casting a fervent vote for combing your family trees for an interesting name. And then report back here to the comments section! We will give you feedback.

    Freddie Fox makes me envision a cartoon character. It sounds pleasant, but the cartoon image is strong. The other names on your list don’t seem quite right.

    Of the suggestions others have made, i like Barnaby, Phineas, Hugo, Lachlan, Solomon, Baxter, and Roscoe. However, it would be so much nicer if you could find another family name.

    1. thefluter

      Initially when I read “Frederick Fox” I thought it sounded a bit like a children’s book character. It might be a little less so on a real person, but I probably would have crossed it off the list for that reason, even tho I love the name Frederick.

      I like Hugo, Sebastian, and Augustus from Swistle’s list.

      Maybe Ezekiel or Artemas would appeal? I quite like Artemas Fox.

  10. StephLove

    A friend of mine has a daughter named Gwendolyn and they had Dane on their boy list. It might go nicely with Atlas, as a place-related name. But I like the idea of looking for another family name, too.

  11. Jamie

    I really like many of Swistle’s suggestions, especially Sebastian, Malachi and Desmond.
    I also really like Arlo as suggested by other posters.

    Some that I haven’t seen suggested yet:
    Cyrus (same ending sound as Atlas)
    Mordecai (nickname Morty or Cai)

  12. beep

    I agree with those who think you might consider another family name if you can find one that suits, or else think in terms of Exotic Traditionals (love the category name). Some more ideas…

    Emory (my son’s name)

  13. Kanah

    I love the suggestion of Wilder and wonder if you’d like Sullivan or Preston? Also: Thatcher, Coulter, or Kelton? Good luck!

  14. Laura

    Two comments I love Freddy Fox , but it definitely gives me cartoon vibes– I think I still love Frankie Fox- and so you could Franklin instead of Fredrick.
    Second, with a name like Atlas, I wonder if you want something a bit more, well, mythic. What about Orion, or Samson.

    If you want something a little more inward you could look at names Hans, Bertram, Robert, or Duncan.

  15. hystcklght3

    Ooo, I do like Franklin (as above) …but I’m in the “no” camp with Frederick, unfortunately–even though I usually agree with Swistle! I keep wanting to insert “the” into it and say “Frederick the Fox.” I actually think in this case a surname or family-name name would work in your favor and sound a bit less cartoony. (That being said, if you really love it, I would smile at it and not be like “WHAT where these parents thinking?!?” if I read it on a class list.)

    Some more that seem to fit the style:
    Rupert (Perry would be such a cute nickname! Though it may make me think of “Perry Cox” on Scrubs?)
    Giles (lol, but not together with Rupert because of Buffy the Vampire Slayer ;)
    Phineas (agreed with above)
    Reginald (Reggie! Aw!)
    Thaddeus (Tad Fox could be really zingy!)
    Everard/Everett/Everest – I love all 3 of these in different ways for you :)
    Cornelius (Cory/Corey nickname?)
    Ignatius (Nate?)


  16. Kay W.

    I agree with Swistle’s assessment that the next name also needs some snap, because Atlas and Gwendolyn are very distinctive. And I see someone else has already suggested Cormac, which came to mind immediately for me! Maybe because of the sounds in Declan and Frederick.

    At the same time, the distinctiveness of Atlas and Gwendolyn is almost random, since they’re family names. Another angle might be for you to try to determine what YOUR style is? And go with that, or at least explore where it takes you? Since you like Gregory, Frederick, Theodore, and Henry, I’m thinking you lean classic and uncommon (though Henry is quite popular these days).

    For that reason, I think you should eliminate Edison right now. You’re already lukewarm on it, and it’s a style outlier for you.

    Frederick F– doesn’t strike me as too alliterative, and the Theo-Thea problem seems contextual to me. How often do you see this cousin? Teddy’s also an appealing Theodore nickname and one you could use with that side of the family.

    Other names to consider:

    Alfred (Alfie)

    Good luck!! Please update us. :)

  17. Eli

    Some names from my family tree might work:
    Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Griffin (actually a surname in our case, but pretty common as a first name and matches in the mythical sense)
    Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Felix (I just like the Greco-Roman feel of Atlas and Felix as brothers’ names and Felix is a cat, not a fox in cartoons)
    Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Victor
    Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Bryant

  18. Kelsey Dumont

    From the other comments, I love the suggestion of Titus to go with Atlas.
    And Thaddeus. Cuz a Tad Fox is pretty cool

    Franklin Fox. Frankie Fox. Ooh that is snappy. I think I love this one.

    What about these:
    Halton or Holden

    Wells. Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Wells. Ohh I love this. It’s a nice balance between the two other sibling names. We just named our boy Wells and love the name.

    Love Edison off your list. I also agree with Swistle, I love the alliteration of Frederick Fox.

    Good luck!!

  19. Lettucehead

    I absolutely adore the name Frederick, and normally I’d be all over urging you in that direction, BUT with Fox as a last name it just doesn’t work for me. Like, at all.
    Frederick Fox? Fred Fox? Freddie Fox?
    As a cartoon character, yes. (In fact, I’m sure there is one)
    As a kid, no.

    Love love love Dashiell Fox. Swoon worthy!
    Dash Fox! Dashie Fox!
    It even plays off the quickness associated with the noun ‘Fox’.

    Also like Everest.
    Everest Fox. Ever Fox.
    I like how both of your boys’ names would be geographic or map associated. Makes a nice link between them.

    I also like the suggestions of Duncan, Sebastian, and Ezekiel.

    Great possibilities here!

    1. Jd

      I too love alliteration but think alliteration with an animal last name is tough. Fox is a cool last name, adding an “f” first name makes Fox more cartoon like.

  20. Jillio

    Bruno Fox: Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Bruno
    Lennox Fox: Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Lennox
    Roland or Rolland Fox: Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Roland/Rolland

    Or if you’re feeling brave:

    Orlando Fox: Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Orlando

  21. Deedee

    Laura’s suggestion of Samson caught my attention. Love It! Atlas, Gwendolyn and Samson. Samson Fox. Sam Fox (or baby Sammy for a while) .

  22. Britni

    Frederick is out for me because I really don’t like alliteration in general.
    I like Phineas but seems so formal with Atlas? I thought Finn instead, but kind of trendy.
    I *really* like Edison, no nickname. Like it might be going on my own baby name list now.
    What about Giles? Or Bastian instead of Sebastian? Owen?

  23. Michelle

    How about Atlas, Gwendolyn, and August? Both boys names are word names, have two syllables, share initial A, and share S sounds. I like that Atlas and Gwendolyn have Ls and Gwendolyn and August have Gs. It’s pleasing to my ear.

  24. Suzanne

    I was watching The Middle last night and now I want to recommend Axel.

    Axel Fox. Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Axel.

    Bonus that there would be two Xes in his name.

  25. Reagan

    I think using Frederick is fine. If Freddie Fox seems too cartoonish as he gets older, he could always use the nicknames Fritz or Rick.

    I would avoid Edison if you don’t like the nickname Eddie. However, Edison and Declan made me think of Darwin. It is neither too harsh or too common and fits well with Atlas.

    Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Darwin

    Henry and Theodore do seem rather plain next to Atlas. Heathcliff, Horacio, Thaddeus or Thornton feel as distinctive as Atlas.

    I love Swistles suggestion of Phineas Fox. It has the alliteration of Frederick but sounds more distinguished.

    Atlas, Gwendolyn, and Phineas

    The suggestion of Hugo made me think of Victor. I rather like Victor Fox and it fits well with Atlas

  26. juniperjones

    Love the suggestion of Franklin!! I don’t think you’d feel the need to nickname either with just 2 syllables and Franklin Fox looks and sounds fabulous! And Samson is great too.

  27. PennyUp

    I love love love the name Gideon–and it’s unusable for us as we have a last name of one syllable that starts with G.

    I vote Gideon, Phineas, or Leander!

    1. Lettucehead

      Gideon is a fun name!
      But just wanted OP to know that it is also the name of the pie-baking fox in Zootopia (a popular animated movie).
      It’s not a BAD association – it’s just an association.

  28. WENDY

    I went with the Greco-Roman, mythology, and Welsh themes, as well as a few others….

    Aison/Aeson was Jason-of Jason and the Argonauts-father)

    1. Squirrel Bait

      I was thinking something that nods to mythology might be right here. This list is great because it has a lot of “snap.” Several of these would blend really well with the sibling names, if that is an important consideration for you.

  29. Laura

    Freddie Fox is a British actor, so that would make it a “no” for me.
    I went Arthurian for my suggestions, and I see others had the same thought.

    Love Hugo and the suggestion of Titus!

  30. Jean

    My very favorite of Swistle’s suggestions is Dashiell.

    Out of the suggestions in the comments, I love Orlando or Leander–both of which are unique and I think perfectly bridge the styles of Atlas and Gwendolyn.

  31. The Mrs.

    So many great ideas! There’s a lot to love! Apollo, Titus (or even Titan!), Cyrus, Griffin, Everest, and your idea of Edison. Have you considered Rhodes? Or Tarquin? Caspar? Drake (maybe not right with the ending sounds together)? Best wishes!

  32. Lisa

    Not sure if these were mentioned but, how about Atlas, Gwendolyn and Roman. A few others,
    Thor ( might be too short with your last name )

  33. Cece

    First name that came to mind with the sibset was Conrad. Atlas, Gwendolyn and Conrad sound so nice together and I adore how distinguished Conrad Fox sounds.

    My second suggestion would be Magnus.

  34. FE

    All the comments suggesting Phineas have had me wondering where I’ve heard that before … Phineas Fox … Oh! It’s not Phineas at all … it’s Phileas, Phileas Fogg from “Around the World in 80 Days”. That’s a great book and a great character … and how appropriate but not blindingly obvious next to Atlas! Think I do prefer Phineas … but as the surname is similar but different too, the association remains …the whole name has a familiar sound, but not as overly character sounding as Freddy Fox.

  35. Celeste

    My first thought was Ajax, but that gives him two X’s when everyone else only gets one. ;o)

    My second thought is Nigel.
    Atlas, Gwendolyn, Nigel Fox

  36. JMV

    I wonder if the OP’s maiden name might work. I’m clearly hoping for another fab Fam tree name. Montgomery, Jerico, etc.
    I love Frederick Fox and Franklin Fox. Doesn’t seem like that is a majority opinion around here, but wanted to put a check in the “Use It” box!
    Declan makes me think of Cormac.
    I like Jonas.

  37. FE

    I’m sure this is too late now, but I’ve been mulling over “Horatio” (thanks Appellation Mountain). It’s too bold a name for our set … but it occurred to me that it might fit yours:

    Atlas, Gwendolyn and Horatio!

    And the nickname Harry … Harry Fox, works well.

  38. Amanda

    When I hear the name Atlas it sounds kind of Greek to me. Whether it’s accurate or not, I picture that Greek god holding up the earth. So I think another strong Greek sounding name would be a good pairing. I think my favorite from Swistle’s list is Augustus and I think the nn “Gus” is cute.
    Apollo, Adonis and Phoenix are other names suggested to go with Atlas on BabyCenter. I think I like Adonis best with Fox although I also like the repeating x sound in Phoenix Fox. But maybe these names are too “out there.” Still I kind of like them.
    I do like Edison the best out of the ones you mentioned.


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