Baby Boy Plate: Jace?

Tawny writes:

My husband and I are expecting our first child A BOY on 1/3/14. To date we have lost 3 babies so in reality this baby may be our only child. My name is Tawny and my husband is Jeremy and our last name is Plate….yes like you eat off of. I love the fact that my name is unique and have been obsessed with baby names since I was a child. The fact that I may only be able to choose one name for a child is heartbreaking for a name obsessed mom to be. Naturally I tend to lean to the more unique names just because I don’t want my child to be so and so “P”. My husband on the other hand could care less. Herein lies my problem. I have been looking for a name that is unique like mine and that will wear well over time. I don’t LOVE anything just yet and so far nothing I have come up with has appealed to my husband. He has landed on the name Jace and LOVES it. I am not sold. Here are my concerns:

#1 – Jace Plate sounds way to short. I feel like his first name needs to have more than one syllable. I just cannot imagine yelling “Jace Plate!!” up the stairs. I feel like it is a bit of a tongue twister.

#2 – I am worried that with the popularity of the show Duck Dynasty I will get “Oh you named your child Jace like on Duck Dynasty!” I know Jace and Jase (Duck Dynasty) are spelled different but it’s still the same name.

#3 – Because of Duck Dynasty is Jace on the rise in popularity….will my child be Jace P in school? Jace was #86 on the Social Security Baby Name list for 2012.

Am I crazy? Do you have any suggestions on something like Jace that would appeal to both of us?

Thanks…..desperate and feeling like giving in :(


I agree that Jace Plate doesn’t quite work. It’s not just the number of syllables, it’s also the repeating long-A sound, and the way it brings “faceplate” to my mind. I don’t think it would be awful, however, and likely you’d yell just “Jace!” up the stairs (or “Jace, dinner!” or “Jace, did you do your homework?”). So that’s the first option: shrug, and go with it.

I do think we’ll see Jace/Jase get more popular, yes. It has an appealingly cool and current sound, and yet its similarity to the very familiar name Jason keeps it from seeming weird.

A second option is to use Jason, and nickname him Jace/Jase.

A third option is to use a similar name. Most of these solve only the Duck Dynasty issue and not the one-syllable/two-long-A issue (some, such as Grey, even make that issue worse by ALSO making it two word names), but they could be starting places for other names: Case could be short for Cason, Grey could be short for Greyson, Gabe could be short for Gabriel, etc.


A fourth option is to use the initials J.C. and get Jace out of that, sort of. This gives you an additional layer of distance from Duck Dynasty, and also gives you more name/nickname options—as well as the chance to use up more of the names you like. For example, if you name him Jameson Carter Plate, you have not only Jace but also J.C., Jamie, “Jameson Carter, you get down from there RIGHT NOW,” etc. If you name him Jaxon Charles Plate, you have not only Jace and J.C. and Jaxon but also Jax. Jasper Colby Plate. Judson Cyrus Plate. Jonathan Curtis Plate. Jericho Cassius Plate. Jeremy Carson Plate.

A fifth option is to use Jace as the middle name, where its similarity to your surname won’t come up so often, but where you still have the option to use it if you want to. This may mean sacrificing whole-name flow—but in my own experience, I said my kids’ whole names only while I was pregnant, and never afterward. Something like Dashiell Plate, Gideon Plate, Sebastian Plate, Everett Plate, Kieran Plate, Malachi Plate, Griffin Plate, Ezekiel Plate, Darian Plate—and then Jace tucked comfortably in the middle.

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  1. Vanessa

    When reading Swistle’s response, I couldn’t help but think some of the names were a bit strange sounding with the last name Plate (e.g., Ezekial). I immediately thought of Malcolm. Malcolm isn’t very popular, but it is a lovely, strong name.

    What about Malcolm Alexander Plate? His initials would be MAP, which could lead to fun explorer nicknames like tracker or carter.

  2. Stephanie

    Jace Plate doesn’t sound like an ideal combo for flow, but it’s not an embarrassing combo in any way. And Jace is a great name! I like Swistle’s suggestion of using initials JC and then having the nickname Jace. Since you love picking names and your husband normally doesn’t, that seems like a perfect way to allow you more fun in finding a longer formal name, while still keeping Jace. But if you decide to go with Jace, I think that will be just fine. I would avoid word names like Grey with your last name.

  3. Sarah

    For whatever it’s worth, Jace is the name of a demon hunter in the YA book series The Mortal Instruments. The movie based on the first book (City of Bones) is in theaters now, so this may contribute to even more usage of the name Jace.

  4. Heidi J

    Jace isn’t terrible, but it’s not ideal with your last name. It also brought to mind, “faceplate.” I also would avoid word names since your last name is already a word.

  5. Angela

    I immediately thought “faceplate” as well before Swistle even mentioned it. I would even go as far as saying Jace doesn’t work with your last name at all–but I am also not a fan of the 1-1 syllable pattern. I think Jason nn Jace would work better.

    Other ideas:

  6. Mary

    Jace is also a plate and set of dinnerware at Crate & Barrel. Also with the movie out now, I suspect it will go up the lists faster.

    Would Jackson work, or Javen, Jago, Jacob or Jasper?

  7. Mrs. Pink

    I think the main issue with Jace Plate is the double long-A sounds, not so much syllables, since it obviously works just fine for Brad Pitt and Sean Penn! And as long as it doesn’t create an unpleasant combo (is “faceplate” really a bad thing?) two word names can work, in my experience at least.

    I named my son Grey (not short for anything) with a one-syllable word-name for a middle name (0m), despite having a one-syllable word name for a last name too (L@w). I honestly didn’t even think about it at the time! Even now that I got married and my son uses my husband’s last name (or we may hyphenate, we haven’t made it legal yet), it’s no better because he has a one-syllable word name for a last name too. And worse, it’s another color (and worse yet, Pink of all colors). Anyway, so the name is a bit choppy to say altogether, but almost sounds more serious when I yell it, due to the staccato-ness of it. “Grey 0m L@w! Get your rear down here this minute!”

    1. Kaela

      Ooo, good point. It totally is the repeating long A sound. I think almost any repeating sound seems off when dealing with two one syllable names together. Brad Pitt and Sean Penn sound fine, but Brad Patt and Sean Pawn are just not right somehow. It’s the rhyming factor.

  8. Deedee

    I think Jason Plate works well. I am really liking it. And Jace or Jase makes a great nickname for Jason. (Love the name Jace!) It should be easy to come up with a middle name too…Jason Jeremy Plate perhaps??

  9. Kaela

    First thing I thought was “Brace Plate” (which is some kind of building piece I’ve encountered before; there are 27,000 Google results for the search in quotes…I think it is a real thing).

    I agree that something about Jace Plate just isn’t quite right. It has an almost futuristic sci fi quality, like a name I would encounter in a book set in the future (when whatever the popular names are then will presumably be as baffling to us as Jayden and Madison would be to a Victorian…) Not that that is so bad, but I think personally I’d rather go through life with a name that is less startling/hard to place. I think you somewhat agree with this already since you aren’t sold on Jace in combination with Plate either.

    But mostly I think it is the sounds– the two long A sounds, combined with how unusual Plate is. My partner also has a word-name surname and I’ve decided longer first names work best with it because they draw attention away from the word. Does that make sense? Like with Jace Plate, I immediately focus on “Plate”, whereas I wouldn’t really think of Plate at all paired with Alexander.

    Actually, I really like Alexander Plate. Nice combination. :-) Unfortunately I know it is really popular– and you are looking for unusual!

    You didn’t mention liking any other names– maybe you could comment here in the comment section with some of your favorites? It would help us help you.

    Some other nice long names I thought of that sound good with Plate, and are relatively uncommon:

    Jackson (I think Jackson Plate is wayyy better than Jace Plate, and you could still squeeze Jace out of it as a nickname…it is popular for sure but Jackson Plate is really distinguished)

    Do any of these appeal to you?

    Also, what was your top choice for a girl?

    One more note on popularity, or your desire to find a name that is unusual– my advice is to let go of that desire to some degree. The most popular names now are not used nearly as much as the popular names were when we were kids. If you want him to be the only kid with his name in his class, choosing something below the 200 mark in the charts will probably secure that (unless there is a micro level popularity for some names in your area/region…you will have to do some sleuthing in the baby announcement section of your local paper to pick up on this.)

    Also, your surname is really distinctive– any more popular name will seem less so when paired with Plate.

    Good luck! Please update us!

  10. Manday

    My last name is very similar to yours- just change one letter and add one letter. It sounds very similar.

    Because of it, I have had to eliminate pretty much all one syllable “a” names. I don’t think any of them work (My favorite I had to eliminate was Shay). I also eliminated names like Bram (which I love), even though its not quite as bad. I would say Jace is out if it were me.

    Awhile back I compiled a list of names that could use the nickname “ace”, so close to Jace I think you might like some. Like Aeson, Casey, Dacey, Silas, Wallace. You would have to decide if these work with Plate. I think they are all better than Jace due to more syllables…

    Names that seem similar to me in style as Jace: Colt, Jones, Chaz, Bryce, Jet, Jude, Lief, Link, Rex, Dirk, Buck. Of course, a lot of these don’t work well with Plate either.

    Let me try to find more syllables. Tibor, Merrick, Cairo, Chauncey, Chiko, Vander, or Ripley

    or… just some unique names Tawny made me think of – Verdi, Oslo, Raleigh, Garnet, Ruston, Harkin

  11. Vesna

    I agree with what has been said above that the issue is the same “a” sound in Jace and Plate.


    Looking for unusual / unique names, I’ve personally found it helpful to browse foreign name lists or even dictionaries or maps of any language / country / culture I feel a connection with. Good luck!

  12. Molly

    What about Jesse as a classic/unusual alternative to Jace? Jesse Plate sounds like a movie star. Jesse Alexander Plate, Jesse Malcolm Plate, Jesse Frederick Plate, Jesse William Plate, Jesse Gideon Plate, Jesse Nashville Plate, Jesse Abram Plate… Really any long name works in the middle, perhaps your maiden name?

  13. Kim C

    Jace immediately made me think of Chase and then Chance. I know Chance is one syllable but it doesn’t have that corresponding “a” sound with plate and sounds pretty cool to me. Chance Plate.

    Having said that about the “a” sound though, I do think James sounds good. Maybe it’s that “stretched” one syllable that gives it the edge. James Plate. You could have James Chase nn Jace/Jase.

    You also said that you like names that are unique and Chance did make me think of Chauncey. Chauncey nn Chase is certainly a standout. Chauncey Plate.

    I’d also like to throw Spencer into the mix, nickname Spence, just because I like it! Spencer Plate.

    All the best!

  14. victoria

    I LOVE Jace! I just named my baby boy this. Our last name is Love and I don’t think the one syllable issue is a problem at all! I think Jace Plate sounds awesome :)

  15. Rayne of Terror

    Maybe I’m alone in this because I’m not up on Duck Dynasty or the upcoming movie with a Jace, but my first stab at pronouncing it was J.C., not rhymes with chase. I really like the idea of giving him J.C. initials and calling him Jace. So many options for him as a teen and adult that way.

  16. TheFirstA

    I’m not crazy about the flow of Jace Plate, for many of the same reasons Swistle listed. I also thought of Jason with the nickname Jace. I realize to someone who is “mom age” Jason might not sound very unique. However, it is not nearly as popular as it used to be, so perhaps Jason P. wouldn’t be an issue.
    I’ve never watched Duck Dynasty and have no idea who Jace is, but I would still except to see Jace rise in popularity. It sounds like a lot of other names I’ve been hearing a lot of, so I’d say it was on-trend.

    I wish I had a better idea of a name you like. I’m finding it hard to come up with possible suggestions that haven’t already been given. Though, for flow, I do think a first name with more than one syllable would sound best.

  17. vanessa

    i’ve never even heard of duck dynasty but Jace does have that trendy sound that may mean it is going to continue to get more popular…and I agree Jace Plate doesnt sound quite right. Jason Plate is better.
    JC just makes me think of Jesus Christ, so I wouldnt use that ;)

  18. Tawny

    Thanks everyone for your comments. What shocks me is that I am a little hurt by all of the negative comments even though my gut feeling was that Jace Plate was not right….maybe Jace has grown on me.

    I have been so focused on the fact that I was not sold on Jace and my husband was I haven’t really found anything I LOVE. Some of the names I have shot out there to see if my husband would even consider have been.

    Brody/Brodie (my fav so far) even if it is in the top 100

    I think I am just a bit discouraged because I feel like my efforts to find another name will not matter. How do I take a name my husband LOVES away from him. My husband’s initials are JDP and this baby if named Jace would be a JDP as wll. Jace Dillon Plate. So far none of the other “J” names have passed my husband’s test. Jason is a cousin, he does not want a junior so Jeremy is out, I really don’t like the idea of J.C./Jace, James is a close friend, Jesse he thinks is too girly….

    Back to the baby name book for another “J” name :)

    1. victoria

      I was in the same position, my husband was dead set on Jace and I wasnt sure. Finally after searching forever and finding nothing I loved enough to really fight for, I went with Jace. I knew that’s what my husband really wanted. I wouldn’t change the choice for anything, I love the name now! his name is Jace Michael Love :)

    2. Kaela

      Hm…he doesn’t want a junior, which rules out Jeremy, but how would he feel about Jeremiah? (That is, if you like it.)

      But your style seems more focused on 2-syllable, masculine, surname-sounding names.

      Brody and Declan are my two favorites from your list with your surname. What about Grady? It is less common than Brody (Grady is #332 on the list). Or do you like Archer, Walker, or Lawson?

      Or Zane? Zane has that same long A sound, but the strength of the Z makes it hold its own with Plate. Zane Plate is memorable.

      I also thought of Martin, which seems to share a lot of sounds you like and is not very common right now. Simon also. Martin Plate. Simon Plate. I like them both.

      Or Tristan. Or Dawson, Dalton, or Quinn? Or Marshall?

  19. Jemima

    If you’re thinking of going down the J.C. Plate option (I think it’s a goodie) here are some possibilities:
    Joshua Chase/Chace (you’ve got the rhyming too)
    Jonathan Chase
    Jeremy Chase
    Joel Chase
    Jordan Chase
    Jackson Chase

    I also think that Jason Plate sounds GREAT with the obvious and easy nn Jace.

    Good luck!

  20. Mary

    Just responding to your comment- I think many people have names they love but just don’t work with their last names. It is unfortunate, but reality.

    Could your son have both your last names? i.e. Jace Cooper-Plate or Jace Plate-Cooper (making that up obviously).

    Maybe take your husband to see the movie and hear the name in a different context?

    Would Jayden work for you? Or Jett? Jett Plate works as it doesn’t rhyme.

  21. Kim C

    What about Jensen? Jensen Dillon Plate nn JD or Jay is pretty cool.
    There’s also Jared/Jarrod. Jared Dillon Plate? Love!

  22. Molly

    Jace and Brody makes me think of Jordy, which can be short for Jordan or stand on its own. Jordan David Plate, Jordy Dillon Plate.


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