It all started with a link to these towels, decorated with two little aqua birdies and “Love! It is all u need!”

The next thing that happened was a big heavy box arriving yesterday from Rachel of Doing My Best (of Crappy Day Present fame):

Do you see the small pink writing on the top photo? “This is a surprise full of surprises.” And then note the blue writing in the bottom photo: “There can never be too many!” Which was soon to feel MUCH MORE SIGNIFICANT.

I opened the box, and:


Ha ha, she got me the bird towels! SEVERAL, it looks like! Ha ha! That Rachel!

We were in the middle of the “homework and clean-up and dinner prep melee” time of day, so I thought I’d better wait and unpack the rest later. But I sent a quick direct message to Rachel, saying the box had arrived safely and ha ha bird towels thanx!

I went back to the kitchen…and something caught my eye:


And then:

What’s this?

And another, and another—a sticker on every bird towel. And SO MANY bird towels! A WHOLE DOZEN in all, coming from a WHOLE DOZEN different people! [It took me awhile to come up with a pleasing way to do the links there. Finally I picked towels blindly one by one out of the box and did them in that order, except for Anne and Joanne who are at the end because their towels were in the photos. There.]

So when I said above that “The next thing that happened was a big heavy box arriving”—NO, that was NOT the next thing. The ACTUAL next thing was Rachel organizing a SECRET SURPRISE.



And there was MORE:


A wrapped box from another internet friend, and a note that another internet friend had contributed toward shipping costs, and a note that others had wanted to participate but the number of towels was getting daunting; plus a pile of Crappy Day Presents from Rachel, plus Hershey bars with almonds. Does the size of the photo make those Hershey bars look like regular-sized bars? DO NOT BE FOOLED. They are the BIGGIES.

THANK YOU, everybody. This was a REALLY fun surprise—and I was COMPLETELY surprised! Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU, too!

[Edit: Also see Rachel’s post on how it came together on her end!]


  1. Lawyerish

    Oh, how FUN! And how did I miss that this was happening?! Dang. Well, fun to read about it anyway. Happy Valentine’s Day, Swistle! You make the Internet a better place.

  2. Joanne

    Rachel is amazing and so are you – you both bring a lot of joy and happiness to my sometimes challenging life. I wish I could get you more than a bird towel, but I’m really glad I was able to participate! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Doing My Best

    Oh, this is going to make me smile for a LONG TIME =)! I loved reading how the unpacking of the box unfolded! This was a VERY FUN surprise to coordinate =)!

    I’m sorry to those who didn’t get a chance to participate! I originally tweeted, but I didn’t dare leave that up too long. Then I emailed those I thought would be interested and whose email I had. So, email me if you want to be in on the next surprise…whenever it comes up ;-)! stilldoingmybest at gmail

  4. Suki

    Swistle, you pretty much win the internet as far as I’m concerned, so it makes me so happy you got such a wonderful suprise!

  5. Life of a Doctor's Wife

    Oh that Rachel! What a kind, generous heart! And to rope in so many other kind, generous blog-friends? Well, Swistle, you likely won’t be surprised that this has me a blubbering mess over here. Kindness! Bird towels! Chocolate! Waaaah!

  6. Emily

    Reading this post was well worth the cost of a towel. This whole post and the comments have me grinning. I’m so glad you liked your surprise!

    And Rachel’s the best at this kind of thing.

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